5 Lies Women Will Always Find Out About

Sometimes we get a little carried away and tell a little white lie to enhance our stories, or just to have some fun and make us sound a little more interesting. Don’t act like you’ve never done it, because everyone has. But, when it comes to dating there are a few lies you should steer clear of. Because if you tell a lie… and it backfires, it will ruin your chances of advancing your relationship. Here are few of those lies women will always find out about:

1. Anything Related to Your Career

Let me just say that if you tell a woman you do something cooler at your job than you actually do, and they find out, not only will she be embarrassed for you, but things are going to get awkward real fast. You’re job probably isn’t that bad, and she probably doesn’t care. Just be honest about what you do for a living.

2. How Much Money You Make

First of all, do not release the details of your salary until things are serious. But otherwise, don’t lie about it. If you say more than you actually make, then she’ll  feel like you’re insecure and trying to over-compensate. If you say less than you actually make, then you come across as sketchy. When the salary discussion comes up, just tell the truth.

3. Anything Related to Your Past Relationship(s)

If something regarding a past relationship comes up in conversation, you need to be truthful. Because most women probably already know all the details (we’re scavengers of information FYI), and they just want to hear you admit it and explain the why’s. So if you want things to work, you need to be honest about your past. We will admire your honesty more than anything… and will either ditch you, or become skeptical if you don’t tell the truth.

4. If You’ve Cheated or Not (previous or current relationship)

DO NOT LIE ABOUT THIS. If you lie, she will not only leave you… she will tell EVERYONE SHE KNOWS. I can’t even explain anything else related to this topic other than to just not lie. Because once again, most women probably already know.

5. Your Plans (When You Go Out or Away with Friends)

If you’re going out somewhere and she’s not coming, don’t lie about where you’re going. What if someone she knows sees you out somewhere else and then tells her? I’ll tell you what happens…. a situation you do not want to be in. Going to the pub with the friends she hates? Yea, she’s going to make a big deal about it, but you can still go. At least she won’t find out some other way.

When it comes to lying, sometimes the idea of sugar-coating something can be fun, but make sure you’re not taking your lie to the point where it can jeopardize your relationship.

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