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  • Life changing things you can do today
    Feeling rather stuck in a rut? Even though the new year starts in January, for me it feels like it really starts in the spring. In fact that is when we used to celebrate the new year in pre-Christian religions. Spring is when all the babies are born, the buds are bursting and maybe, you…
  • The “Still Single?” Stigma
    Say that ten times fast, betcha can’t!  lol well tongue twisters aside, being single can seem like a life twister too. For some unfathomable reason, people have a hard time seeing each other single. Why it’s almost as if, well if one of us has the courage to make up our own  mind about our…
  • So-Duh!
    Who doesn’t love a good origin story, right? Batman and his parent’s night at the opera ruined by a crazy clown asking weird riddles whilst pointing a gun. The Bionic Woman’s parachute failing to open, Mr. Magoo, falling into a vat of acid….OK, THAT never happened but it would’ve explained his terrible eyesight! Right? So...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://blog.lavalife.com/so-duh/">READ MORE</a></div>