Why You Should Invite Her to Your Family’s Christmas Dinner

With the holidays approaching, it’s important to keep your girlfriend involved in family functions. It’s a busy time of year and there’s always so much going on, but remember to try and be thoughtful of your girlfriend and make her feel welcomed in your family. Christmas dinner is a big one – this is the ultimate acceptance into ones family. So if you’re debating on whether or not you should invite her to come to yours, here are few reasons “Why You Should Invite Her to Your Family’s Christmas Dinner:”

1. It Helps Her Feel Welcomed

By inviting your girlfriend over for Christmas dinner, you’re giving her the feeling of being welcomed into your family. Knowing that you’re inviting her tells her that you and your family are accepting her. She knows that you feel comfortable having her around your family and that’s a big deal.

2. It Seals The Deal

She may have already met the family, but bringing her home for a holiday function like Christmas dinner is another way of saying “This isn’t just official, it’s holiday dinner official.” There’s a possibility that aunts and uncles, grandmas grandpas and cousins will be there who she hasn’t met yet. Introducing her to the extended family is another way of double sealing the deal.

3. It Shows That You Want Her To Be A Member of The Family

Christmas dinner is a pretty intimate affair. Usually reserved for family members only. I mean, how often do you invite college friends over for holiday dinners? Having your girlfriend over to interact with the family, laugh at family jokes, sit with your niece at dinner etc…that’s saying, “you’re one of us now.”

4. It’s Important To Spend the Holidays Together

Rather than going your separate ways at Christmas spend the holidays together. Having her for Christmas dinner means you will be together and spending time with family. Spending the holidays with each other is a great way to connect and share a special time together. Whether she comes to your family or you go to hers, the gesture is important because it tell her that you want her to be with you during the holidays.

5. As Her Boyfriend It IS Your Duty To Invite Her

And now to the more blunt reason…it’s true, she will more than likely be hurt if you don’t invite her, and she might also think you’re not serious about the relationship and feel a little confused. Do your best to include her in your holiday festivities including inviting her to Christmas dinner.

It’s more than likely that your girlfriend is counting on an invite to Christmas dinner. So let the family know you will be bringing her and  be excited to introduce her to everyone in the family – you will be thankful you did when you realize how much it meant to her that you invited her.


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