Five Fresh Ways to Embrace Fall

Yes it is a bummer that summer is coming to an end, but there are plenty of reasons to be excited about Fall, and even to embrace Fall! Here are our top 5 reasons you should be welcoming the new season:

1. Leaf that gloom behind 
Fall is a magical season full of color. With all of the leaves turning, take a drive up to the lake to see a truly spectacular sight. Don’t have time for a road trip? Take a walk through an especially dense forest path and enjoy the natural beauty.

2. Pumpkin pleasure
Fall is the season of pumpkin everything! Pumpkin tea, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin beer- You name it, and someone has come up with it. If you are a pumpkin lover (and who isn’t!) then this is the season for you.

3. Stylish Scarves
We all love a good pair of shorts, but Fall allows for a whole other kind of style. Cue cute plaid, luscious leggings and the perfect accent piece- the fall scarf. Infinity scarves are a personal favorite, but there are so many styles and ways of wearing these fun little fashion accessories that make them they perfect addition to any fall outfit.

4. Halloween Haunting
Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up as your favorite TV character or spooky creature? This is the fiction lovers favorite holiday season. Whether you are dressing up and going out, or bringing joy to little children by handing out the best candy on the block- Halloween is a definite top 5 for what makes Fall so awesome.

5. Autumn Awesomeness
While the weather might be getting chillier, there are still enough good days to get out there and enjoy the things you’ve been meaning to do, but couldn’t find the time for all summer. Nothing like a little nippy weather to remind you winter is on its way and your time is officially running out. So dawn your favorite jacket and give that patio one last hurrah, or try a seasonal activity like apple picking- you have a few months left to really enjoy before winter sets in.

Hopefully these top 5s will help you fall in love with Fall again. And if your pumpkin spice latte isn’t doing it for you, come up with a list of your own favorite Fall things and check them off one by one.

Just remember, Fall is your warning that winter is on its way- so get out there quick!


Tips for Choosing a Great Username for Your Online Profile

Your online dating profile username might not be your very first impression in the online dating landscape, but it is your close second. As soon as someone browsing through their matches spot your profile, they usually immediately glance over to your username to see what you’re all about. And something tells us that “horniman69″ or “wittlebaby” aren’t going to result in your potential match clicking to view more… and definitely not sending you a message.


Why Online Dating Isn’t for Pessimists

Ten years ago, some people thought that those who used online dating had given up on optimism. Maybe they were “different” for not wanting to wait around for Mr. or Mrs. Right to roll up into their lives. Today, in dear old 2014, people who use online dating are seen as optimists, as being in control of their own destiny and as taking charge of their own love life.

In this post, we’re talking about why online dating isn’t the place for pessimists. Better yet, we’re sharing how online dating is filled with people who would rather find someone online than trek through bars, clubs and the usual offline hangouts looking for love.


What You’re Saying VS. What He’s Hearing in Your Relationship

We’re all familiar with the old adage “men are from Mars and women are from Venus,” and it has become the cultural red herring for explaining the differences between genders. But how often does this idea actually make its way into our relationships? Well, perhaps more often that you think. Sometimes we think our significant other is hard of hearing, severely confused, and maybe sometimes just silly. Always remember however that communication is a two way street and when you’re saying something but they are hearing something different, there’s always a way to find common ground.


4 Major Online Dating Mistakes You Might be Making

It can be tempting to go a little overboard when it comes to your online dating profile. Then, it can be even more tempting to take things from “sort of true” to “definitely not true” when it comes time to message a hot match. These are just two online dating mistakes that could a) leave you unsuccessful and b) seriously deter great, high quality matches. 

With online dating, honesty and clarity matter. You’re putting yourself out there and trying to meet someone amazing. It’s important to remember that your “someone amazing” is doing the same… and they don’t want to waste time on a profile filled with fibs, or messaging someone who tends to share bigger-than-life tall tales.


Single? Move to These Canadian Cities to Increase Your Odds.

Are you tired of being single and feeling as though everybody else is all paired up? Or, do you simply feel that there aren’t enough men or women where you live to really give you a chance at landing “the one”? You’re not alone. That’s why we’re bringing you, courtesy of Postmedia News, the best Canadian cities for single men and women. Move to (or just visit) one of these and you might just increase your odds.


The 3 Toxic Friendships we all Have to Learn to Ditch

Just like every relationship, friendships have their ups and downs. And while it is totally normal to be feuding with your bestie every once in a while, there are some people that just don’t learn. These are ‘toxic’ relationships that start to affect your daily life and must be addressed. While there are many kinds of toxic friendships, here are a few that came to mind for us. If any of your inner circle fits these descriptions, it may be time to cut ties ASAP:


The Best Kind of Music to Play in the Bedroom

Sex is an important part of all loving relationships, so when you’re going to spend some time in the bedroom together it always helps to set the mood first. Want to get on the same wavelength with your partner? Start your spicy evening off right with our list of the  best kind of music to play in the bedroom.


Relationship Advice for Women Who Have Been Cheated On… From Women Who Have Been Cheated On

We asked women who have been cheated on in the past what advice they’d give to women who are currently dealing with a recent breakup or a stressful relationship because of cheating. Here’s what they had to say:

Sarah—“Listen to your intuition.”

I would have all of the evidence in the world, except his confession and still want to give my ex the benefit of the doubt. It’s not easy to accept something you know will break your heart. Don’t make the same mistake I did. 9 times out 10, my intuition has been right. If you feel like a guy is cheating on you that’s because he probably is; and if not, then there’s something he’s not telling you about how he feels about your relationship. Whichever the case, do exactly what your gut is telling you to do, do exactly what you would do if your intuition was right. I promise that you won’t regret it and you’ll be happier in the long run.


4 Ways to Know it’s Time to Try Online Dating

1. You’ve Been Friends with the Same People since High School

How are you ever going to meet new people if you don`t put yourself out there? We know, we know, you’re happy with the friends you have and you’re not a big fan of change; in fact, change scares you. You and you’re friends are literally like Friends and your biggest fear is a season finale. But if you have no need to meet new people, other than the fact that you haven’t gone on a date since prom night, then it’s time for you to try online dating.

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