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90 Mile Spark

90 Mile SparkWe both joined Lavalife as kind of a joke, and I was running searches of guys within 25 miles from my zip code.

I did not really see anything that caught my eye the night I signed up so I just thought lets take one more look for fun, so again the next night I ran a search for within 25 miles.


Live, Learn, Love – Lavalife!

Lavalife Success StoryThe title briefly describes my ~9 yr courtship leading to a successful 1 yr marriage anniversary thanks to Lavalife.

I was in college with little time for being social and my skeptism prevented me from much dating. But the online dating world of Lavalife seemed to help me meet people.


Lavalife Baby Boy

lavalife success familyWell my soul mate and I met in July of 2004 and I never would have thought I’d meet him online…but I did. We have been living together for almost 2 yrs and just had a beautiful baby boy… WOW who would have thought?

So for everyone online, just remember that there’s someone out there for you. Good luck in your search


Found My Missing Puzzle

Missing Puzzle PieceBoth of us had been using Lavalife on and off for awhile. I met some great guys, some of whom I’m still friends with today. Meeting a lot of people in short periods of time was a great growing experience.

It may sound weird but I learned a lot about myself and what I want in a man and out of life through online dating.

Jake was about to give up looking when he noticed someone sent him a smile. He thought he may as well check it out, what did he have to loose? It’s a good thing he did!


E-Mail Love Letters

Email Love LettersI joined Lavalife late in October 2003. I was a member in the ‘dating’ section and went into it with very little expectations except to hopefully meet a few new people – which I did!


The Online Smile That Led To My Soulmate

successI sent Devin a smile on April 29th, 2006, he then messaged me a day later.

We spoke online/phone for a few days then went on our first date on May 9th, 2006.

Almost 2 years later he proposed and we got married May 2009, we are so close to celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary already! I was very skeptical about online dating, but after finding the love of my life, I tell all my struggling single friends to give lavalife a try!

Thank you lavalife for helping me find my husband, my best friend and my soulmate!

Ontario – Feb. 25, 2010


Only Good Apples

Only Good ApplesOliver was the first person I smiled at online when I became newly single. The next morning, I had a nice e-mail from Oliver sharing his geeky computer experiences. He had mentioned his family owned an apple orchard so I replied stating that I loved apples but that they gave me the “trots”.

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