Why You Should Try Online Dating…and Tell Your Friends

Gone are the days during which people were nervous or ashamed to tell their friends and family they were signing up for an online dating site. It’s 2014, people! Why should anyone ever be ashamed of wanting to have love in their life?

These days, online dating and mobile dating apps are cool. They’re trendy, in-style and the go-to choice for millions of people around the world who are seeking their next relationship.

To celebrate the widespread acceptance, and embracing, of online dating, we’re sharing our top 4 reasons why you should try online dating and why you should shout it from the rooftops. Or, just tell your friends and family – it’s totally up to you.

1.       You’re Taking Control of Your Love Life

Unlike the people who convince themselves that “love will just happen” (even though they never leave the house, constantly cancel on plans and refuse to visit bars) you’re taking control of your love life’s direction. That sort of confidence, self-pride and determination is something to be seriously proud of.

2.       You’re Showing You Value Your Time…and Self

Instead of sitting at the local singles bar and waiting for someone else to approach you, you’re using your time wisely. With online dating, you’ll sort through your matches and only strike up a conversation with who you actually want to. You’re managing your time smartly and showing that you value yourself and your time – you’ve got way too many things to do in the day already!

3.       It’s Cost Efficient, and Thriftiness is Always Flattering

Nobody brags about wasting a bunch of money. BUT, they do brag about nabbing an awesome deal. Online dating lets you pay a low monthly fee (or buy credits, in some cases) and then lets you contact members you’re interested in almost limitlessly. Why spend tons of cash at the club trying to meet someone new – especially if the club isn’t your scene? Save your money, and save yourself waiting in line and fighting to get up to the bar for a drink.

4.       Your Friends are Doing it, Too

Even if you don’t know it, if you’ve got single friends in your group the chances are more than likely that at least one of them is already online dating in some capacity. Whether it’s the hot-right-now hot or not app or a monthly subscription to an online dating site, they’re doing it! Banish that negative thought in your head that tells you that you’re the “only one” or that questions why you can’t meet someone “like everyone else” and embrace the fact that online dating is officially a normal (and cool!) part of the modern dating experience.

So, we want to know… have you tried online dating? Share your experience so far in a comment below. We’d love to hear about your experience – even if it wasn’t on Lavalife!

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