Why do Men Send me One Word Replies Online?

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Online dating is just NOT working for me at all. I’m on three other dating sites and it just seems like no one wants to meet. Men just click “Like / Favorite / Flirt” on my pictures. I tried initiating contact but received no replies or just one-liners.

For example, someone did triathlons, so I asked if he was training for the Iron Man and mentioned that I was training for half marathons, he replied “Yes”. That was it. Why would he click Like on one of my pictures, then put in very little effort to reply? I think I am doing all the recommended things that online dating experts are suggesting.



It sounds as if men are taking a liking to your profile, we just need to tweak the approach.

Compose your email in the same manner that you would approach someone in person. Imagine you’re in a bar and see an attractive man in a nice suit. If you were to approach him and say, “Hi there I like your suit.” The response you would get might sound something like, “thanks.”

One-word answers are not what we’re looking for in person, or via email.

Whereas if you tried this approach: “Hi. I really love your suit, what’s the occasion?” In this scenario you are likely to start up a full conversation, which is the goal whether out at the bar, or when sending an email.

Getting back to the triathlon guy, it may look something like this instead, “Hey Alex, I read over your profile and it seems like we have a lot in common. I think it’s great that you have a passion for triathlons as I have an interest in marathons and am currently training for a half. Any advice for a beginner like myself? -Christie”

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