Which Foods NOT to Avoid on a First Date

Everyone is always wondering which foods to avoid on a first date. “Stay AWAY from garlic,” “make sure you don’t get spinach stuck in your teeth,” “don’t save the mustard for later”… I say, the messier the meal, the more fun the date; so dig in! Whether you want to go out and grab a bite or host at your home here are some of the sloppiest suggestions we have for you.

 1.            Lobster Night OR Rock Lobster

Looking like the perfect evening for a BBQ? Why not be a little more creative and host a lobster feast for a small group of friends. Lay out the newspaper, grab some bibs and get cracking! Impress your girl by knowing all the tricks of de-shelling and don’t be afraid to get squirted with some real lobster juice. Tip: best served with hot butter or white vinegar for dipping. And the best part is…? The easy clean up! Wrap everything up in the paper and toss out the evidence.

If you feel like a similar experience but prefer a night out, try Rock Lobster! Open in three locations in downtown Toronto: Ossington, Queen West and Leslieville, you now have a better chance to give it a try and I guarantee it won’t be a one-time visit. Raised on the East Coast of Canada I am no stranger to our little red friend Lester the Lobster and I certainly approve of everything chef & owner, Matt Dean Pettit, has to offer. For starters the Lobster Caesar (that’s the drink, not the salad) rimmed with steak spice and a Nova Scotia lobster tail will prepare you for what’s to come. Next, I recommend dipping your hands into the jerk crab and shrimp. And, of course, you can’t go without ordering their famous and affordable lobster roll done in the authentic toasted hot dog bun. I’ll probably see you there!

 2.            Fajita Night OR La Carnita

Being the Mexican food connoisseur that I am I have tried my fair share of the Mexican restaurants that are endlessly popping up across the city. Remember that time you could only find one and it was a little hole in the wall? Now, with too many to choose from, La Carnita has made the top of my list. The Mexican Street Corn and the Polo Frito tacos are to die for… and the best kind of messy!

Prefer a night in? Grab some supplies and create a fajita station. This way you and your girl can bond by building up your own fajita with personalized toppings. Have a chicken, steak or veggie option. Fry up some green and red peppers with onion. Add some cheese, salsa, sour cream and anything else your messy heart’s desire.

 3.            BBQ Ribs OR Toronto Rib Fest

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back… okay we get it. You like ribs! What better timing than this upcoming weekend being Toronto’s annual rib fest. Make it a date! With 16 different vendors to try from, which will be your favorite? Let’s just hope she’s not a vegetarian…

Or, you can have your own rib fest at home. BBQ up some beef ribs and have a variety of different sauces to choose from. Last weekend I had the opportunity to satisfy my craving with Del Fico Catering’s ribs doused in their mouthwatering molasses-bourbon sauce… if you can get your sticky fingers on some of that or of the likes than believe me – you won’t leave any on your face for left overs!

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