When to Delete Your Online Dating Profile

So you’re in a new relationship, and it’s going great. But now you’re faced with a tricky question: should you delete your online dating profile? When is the right time? The truth is there is no specific length of time you should wait before deleting your profile. Every relationship is different. But here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re navigating the muddy waters of deleting your online dating profile.

What Do You Really Want?

Many sources will tell you that the risk of taking down your profile lies with scaring away your new love interest. While this is something to consider, you should first check in with your own feelings. If you’re hesitant to take down your profile, it might be your gut telling you that this isn’t long-term relationship material. Listen to this instinct, and take some time to reflect on your personal happiness.

On the other hand, your fear of commitment might be keeping you from taking the plunge, too! Consider why you signed up for online dating in the first place. Was it just to meet new people, or was it the first step on a path to a long-term relationship, or even marriage? If it’s the latter, realize that you might be on your way to reaching your goal. Even if this relationship doesn’t end up being “the one,” by taking down your profile you’re demonstrating, both to your partner and to yourself, that you’re willing to give love a fighting chance.

Talk About It

An active online dating profile is a signal to your new love interest that you’re still looking. Depending on the status of your relationship, this could be good or bad. If you delete your profile too soon (like after the first date!), it could seem you’re moving faster than the other person is ready for. Instead of trying to read minds, talk about it before you hit delete. A new relationship is fragile, and you want to avoid miscommunications.

It’s okay to ask your partner their thoughts on deleting your online dating profile, and where they think the relationship is going. However, if your partner isn’t yet willing to delete his or her profile, you have to respect that. It’s only a deal-breaker if they’ve promised to be exclusive. On the other hand, if taking down your profile scares them away, you probably weren’t looking for the same things anyway.

Hitting Delete Together

In this age of social media over-sharing, making your relationship online-official can be a step that you take as a couple. After discussing it together and coming to a decision, log in at the same time and take those profiles down. While you’re at it, you can both change your Facebook statuses to “in a relationship,” as well. Take the opportunity to turn this step into an occasion – go out to dinner to celebrate the first of many landmark moments you’ll share together.

Deactivating vs. Deleting

If you’re like most seasoned daters, you’ve been disappointed more than a few times by new relationships you thought were going well. But since you’re still dating, you still have hope that you’ll meet someone great. It’s understandable to be cautious and to not want to delete your profile completely. In this case, deactivating is the way to go. It tells your partner that you’re not looking anymore and gives your new relationship a chance, while giving you the security of knowing that it will still be there if you need it. And if you never need your online dating profile again, you can always hit “delete.”

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