What’s a Good Conversation Starter Online?

man thinking on computer smallDaniel Chadwell from Edmond asks:

“When you find somebody you’re interested in online, what is a good conversation starter when emailing her? I cannot seem to get girls to respond back.”


Hi Daniel:

I am so glad you’re asking this question. The type of conversation which generally acts as a great conversation starter would be to offer a compliment in your message, as well as to pose a question about something you are curious about, or want to get to know better about the lady you’re messaging. Women really do appreciate knowing you didn’t just message her only because you found her picture attractive.

You may want to comment about an accessory piece she is wearing, or the background she took the photo in. Complimenting her style, smile or describing the way her personality shines through in her photo are good places to start.

Great conversation starts with learning how to ask great questions, which give her an opportunity to talk about herself and share stories. Beyond good conversation starters, be sure you have a great online dating profile. The messages are not going to be returned if she doesn’t have an interest in your profile.


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