What to Wear to Work to Catch That Cute Co-Worker’s Eye

What to Wear to Work

You’ve had your eye on a handsome someone in your office for a while, and maybe you’ve tackled a project together or grabbed coffee in the past, but now you really want to up your ante in the hopes of catching his eye.

Revamping your work wardrobe can be a bit tricky. You want to strike a balance between professional and standing out, and I totally get it – this isn’t exactly the most intuitive thing.

In the workplace, statement pieces are a powerful thing. They’re a wonderful way to show off your personality without going too overboard. By this I mean pairing an otherwise subtle outfit with one eye-catching piece, whether it’s a blazer in a bold color, pattered pants, or a fun chunky necklace.

After all, you still want to ooze that powerful-work-woman vibe, but that doesn’t mean you have to blend into the cubicle and black pantsuit background!

Basic Pants

The boldest choice in your repertoire would be a pair of trendy, patterned pants. Pairing this with a simple top and blazer is definitely a step up from the basic collared shirt and black pants look.

Head Turning Blazer or Statement Piece

How about a head-turning green blazer, or pink leather jacket? You can wear a colorful over-piece with your favorite flattering grey, blue, or black pants.
If you’re not comfortable with taking the full plunge into the statement piece world, not to fret! Dip your toes into it instead, with a chunky necklace or even a pair of hot heels.

But wait! It gets even better than just catching your office crush’s eye; they’re called “statement pieces” for a reason – they’re memorable and also conversation starters.

He’ll definitely take note of your upped style game- but your fun pants, bold blazer, or awesome necklace are also talking points, and they may just earn you that first date!

Would you wear this outfit? Let us know in a comment!

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