What to Wear on an Ice Skating Date This Winter

It’s the dead of winter, and you have those first-date jitters that have nothing to do with the sub-zero temps. First dates may be stressful, but dressing for them is the easy part. All you have to do is look cute while staying warm – an easy feat when your cheeks are all rosy and you’re bundled up in your coziest scarf!

Ice-skating is the perfect first date, as you can get to know each other over an activity, and there are plenty of opportunities for playful banter about his (or your) lack of coordination on the ice.

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Since skating is a light physical activity, your outfit should be pretty functional. You should be able to move freely in it, while keeping you moderately cozy. But no, no, no, leave the sweats and hoodies at home! You can achieve that cute-yet-cozy look with an A-line dress or skirt, over top of a pair of winterized tights.

A-line pieces are flowy and loose-fitting around your legs, so you don’t have to worry about them constantly riding up as you’re skating. Wear this with a cardigan or sweater for a super adorable winter look. If you’re not quite the girly girl like myself, pair thick tights with a knit sweater, loose-fitting boyfriend cardigan, or sweater tunic.


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Whether you opt for a more feminine look or not, don’t forget about your outerwear staples. A fashionable parka or peacoat are absolutely essentials, and don’t forget a pair of sleek leather gloves and your favourite scarf.

The boots you change into after taking off your skates should also be practical. A pair of low-heeled booties or riding boots are sharp, yet comfy. These outerwear pieces are as much a part of your outfit as what you’re wearing underneath, so they’re another fabulous way to show off your personal style.


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After skating, unbundle and finish off with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, letting your date fully appreciate your pretty winter outfit. Now you’re officially that adventurous woman that isn’t afraid of some activity-based dates, but manages to look fab while doing it.

Who needs an LBD for a first date? Now that’s sexy!

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