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Ways to Keep Your Relationship Alive and Healthy

In a long term relationship it can be difficult to keep the ‘magic’ going after the initial honeymoon phase. We are all guilty of it- getting so comfortable that we forget the little things that make relationships so rewarding. If you feel like you might be in this stage, here are a few quick and easy ways to bring the romance and excitement back.

1. Do something spontaneous

There is nothing more fun than being surprised by a last minute plan. Treat your sweetie to an unplanned date night or even a quick weekend getaway. It doesn’t have to break the bank but something fun and easy will go a long way, and it will give you two some one-on-one time.

2. Forget Me Nots

These are little reminders that can come in any form you want.  Write down reasons you love him/her or cute little reminders of how much you care and leave them places your spouse will find them. Sticky notes, mirror messages, notes written in ketchup on his/her breakfast plate- get as creative as you want!

3. Relax Together

Life can get so chaotic sometimes that we forget to stop and smell the daisies. Plan a ‘relax’ night. Grab a movie and some popcorn and sweets and have them all set up and waiting when he/she comes home from work. Bonus points if you throw in dinner and candles. Whatever it is, make sure you both switch off all electronics for the night and just enjoy each other’s company to unwind.

So start channeling your inner romantic and try some of these activities- we guarantee your hubby will thank you for it. Remember, a relationship is something that should always be cherished and maintained just like everything else in life. The person you are with supports you in everything else you do in life, so it is important you remind them why they are such an essential part of it.

Happy Romancing All!

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