The Great White North Has Sexy Singles

Canada's Hot SinglesRegarded globally, when it’s regarded at all, as a vast, snow-covered land of peameal-bacon-eating, maple-syrup-making, toque-wearing peacekeepers who sometimes (but not always) speak French, Canada ranks pretty low on what might be termed the Smoking Hot Foreigner Index.

Still, when a 2008 study of the “sociosexuality” or average sexual behaviors of nations round the world was published by Dr. David P. Schmitt of Bradley University, ranking Canada 10th behind such seemingly buttoned-down locales as Turkey, Germany and the U.K., it was too much to bear. (Scroll down for a snapshot of the rankings).

Determined to challenge Canada’s unflattering sociosexual ranking, online dating giant Lavalife and Durex, makers of sexual lifestyle enhancement products and a company committed to the well-being of its customers, launched their own, albeit unscientific, survey designed to get at the red-hot hearts of sexually active adult Canadians.

Canada may be a shiny, happy nation with socialized health care and mounted police but darn it Canadians have needs and urges, too. And they’re every bit as profound and pressing as those experienced by the Nigels, Micks and Simons prowling the pubs of merry old England.

Not surprisingly (well not to a bunch of Canucks, anyway), the Lavalife/Durex survey reveals that Canadians may project Dudley Do-Right to the world but behind closed doors, they’re just as jiggy as their German and Turkish brethren.

Of nearly 1,000 male and female respondents primarily between the ages of 18 and 34, a whopping 70 percent said they’d be willing to try anything once compared to just 30 percent who said there was some stuff they “just wouldn’t do.”

Maybe that’s because Canadians scored high on the self-love tip, thus revealing a group of folks deeply in tune with themselves and their desires. When asked to rate their masturbation frequency, nearly 37 percent said “daily,” 42 percent said “a couple of times a week,” while almost 13 percent cop to stealing a feel monthly.

Single Canadians on the make aren’t dragging their feet when it comes to getting up close and personal. Forty-five percent of respondents typically log three to four dates before becoming intimate with a partner while a not-insubstantial 34 percent make the move after only one date or two (a sobering 20 percent wait a month, minimum).

Chalk that up to positive self-image: over 32 percent of respondents admit their naked self makes them feel “happy and confident” while another 10 percent feel “turned on” and 51 percent admit it depends on the day.

Thinking threesome? Canadians too, with a majority of those surveyed (42 percent) voting a stranger as the best candidate, followed by friend (24 percent), ex (a mere 5 percent) while just over 28 percent report that “three is one too many.”

But sexually active Canadians aren’t without their standards. To the question: “Great sex but dull person – stay or go? a decisive 61 percent said “go” while only 38 percent would tough it out.

Similarly, over 66 percent reported that a partner’s sexual history was important to them; nearly 70 percent consider a kiss cheating; while 65 percent believe that a one-night stand can lead to a relationship (awww). But not an open relationship: nearly 62 percent of those surveyed said open relationships are “too risky” though 38 percent are at least “open to it.”

One finding in the Lavalife/Durex survey, however, was especially intriguing, suggesting that Canadians, for all their progressive law-making and social inclusiveness, are at their core fickle.

When asked if they’d bed a stranger for one million dollars, a staggering 79 percent said yes. Yet when asked if they’d let their partner bed a stranger for the same amount, a suddenly squeamish 50 percent said no.

Raging double standard or knock-kneed demonstration of propriety love? Like most things in life (and in Canada), probably a little bit of both.

The Original Study

Dr. David Schmitt’s 2008 study at Bradley University surveyed 14,000 people in 48 countries, asking them to number their sexual partners and list one-night stands. People were given rankings between 4 and 65 — the higher the score, the more liberal the respondent.

Finland scored highest, with an average of 51, but didn’t qualify as industrialized enough to be an official part of the study. As such, the “sociosexuality” ranking, from highest to lowest in the top 15 countries is:

United Kingdom
Czech Republic

The Lavalife/Durex Survey Results

Number of completed responses: 938

Question #1: What gender are you?

Male: 506 respondents
Female: 432 respondents

Question #2: Where are you?

Alberta: 196
British Columbia: 141
Manitoba: 40
New Brunswick: 5
Newfoundland: 11
Northwest Territories: 14
Nova Scotia: 23
Ontario: 424
Prince Edward Island: 2
Quebec: 56
Saskatchewan: 19
Yukon Territory: 7

Question #3: How old are you?

18-24: 259
25-29: 331
30-34: 307
35-39: 35
40-44: 3
45+: 3

Question #4: Are you willing to try anything once?

Hell yes (you never know): 653
No way (there’s stuff I just don’t want to do): 285

Question #5: Great sex – but dull person. Stay or go?

Stay: 362
Go: 576

Question #6: Typically how many dates before sex?

One to two: 326
Three to four: 425
A month, minimum: 187

Question #7: You had crazy sparks online, but offline blah. Sound familiar?

God yes, happens all the time: 310
Couple of times: 477
So far, Ive been lucky: 151

Question #8: Is your partner’s sexual history important to you?

Yes: 621
No: 317

Question #9: Your naked self makes you feel…

Happy and confident: 304
Turned off: 53
Turned on: 96
Depends on the day: 485
Question #10: The best candidate for a threesome is?

A stranger: 395
A friend: 227
An ex: 50
Three is one too many for me: 266

Question #11: Would you bed a stranger for 1 million dollars?

Yes: 740
No: 198

Question #12: Would you let your partner bed a stranger for 1 million dollars?

Yes: 468
No: 470
Question #13: I masturbate…

Daily: 347
A couple times week: 398
Monthly: 120
Can’t say I ever have: 73

Question #14: I’d consider an open relationship.

Yeah, I’d be open to it: 358
No, its too risky: 580

Question #15: A relationship can start with a one night stand?

I doubt it: 323
I don’t see why not: 615

Question #16: A kiss isn’t cheating?

Agree: 282
Disagree: 656

Question #16: The last time I had sex was…

What time is it? 73
Yesterday: 145
In the past couple weeks: 324
Over a month: 396

Question #17: Completing this survey made me feel…

Uncomfortable: 51
Horny: 194
No biggie: 693

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