The 20-Something’s Guide to a First Date Outfit

Oh, the dreaded first-date outfit: falling on the outfit difficulty scale between job interviews and the first day of school.

The first date is all about first impressions, so wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and confident will let you focus on whether your date is the one for you (or to plan an escape if he’s a total dud).

These four tips are a fail-safe way to plan the perfect outfit – and hey, if the guy doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have a cute outfit ready for your next first date!

1. Plan Ahead

Choose your outfit in advance so you aren’t panicking in your underwear 10 minutes before you have to leave. You are more likely to be relaxed and have a good time if you aren’t second-guessing the outfit you threw together at the last minute.


2. Consider Your Location

Are you grabbing a coffee at a trendy downtown cafe or meeting for late night cocktails? For a cafe atmosphere, try something more casual but dress it up with a blazer or fitted jacket. For drinks, try something more formal, like a skirt and blouse combination.

3. It’s All About Balance

You want your outfit to complement your personality, not overpower or understate it.
Think flirty but not overtly sexy, stylish but not over-the-top trendy, comfortable, but no sweatpants allowed – no exceptions.


4. Shop Your Wardrobe

Choose pieces that always work for you and your body type. First dates are not the time to try out a new silhouette or trend.

First impressions are important, so stay authentic to who you are and your personal style.

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