Taking Classes as a Couple

Looking for some new ideas to spice up your date night? Why not ditch the same old dinner and a movie and enroll in a couples class instead! Taking a class together allows you to both learn and bond, all while trying out a new experience. Not only will you gain a fun new skill, but you’ll also develop and strengthen your relationship without really trying. Here are some of our favourite classes for couples.

Partner Yoga

Bring the physical and mental benefits of yoga to your relationship by enrolling in a partners yoga class. These classes focus on doing positions together – think of her floating in the air in a full back bend, while he supports her with his hands and feet (Flying Bow) and you’ll get a sense of some of the crazy and just plain fun moves you’ll get yourselves into. This is the ultimate trust exercise, which is something every relationship can benefit from.

Cooking Class

When you live with your S.O, it’s easy to get in a dinnertime rut, making the same old recipes over and over, or just ordering takeout way too much. A cooking class can help you spice up your dinner routine, try out yummy new flavours, and work together to create something delicious.

Ballroom Dancing

Every couple should sign up for ballroom dancing at least once in their lives. Not only is it an incredible workout, but it teaches teamwork, and gets your bodies and minds moving in sync. It’s also great practice for the next wedding you attend, and even better if that wedding is your own!


After a certain amount of time, many couples assume that they know all there is to know about their partner. An improv class will remind you that your partner can still surprise you, in the best possible way. Improv isn’t just for the outgoing! It can help you break out of your shells together, and make you feel great by doing something outside your comfort zones. Not only that, but it can help you work on your spontaneity, something that many couples feel is lacking in their relationships. Laughter really is the best medicine, and an improv class will get those endorphins going by cracking you up on the regular.

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