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11 Great Places to Meet Women

girl at laundromat smallGuys, does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re at a bar, and you see someone you’re attracted to that’s not the waitress. So you think, “I’m gonna go over and say hi just as soon as I finish this beer. And this Jager shot. And this other beer.”

Then, before you can act, Joe Computer Game Designer comes along and starts chatting up your love of the evening.

If this situation is too close to home, it might be time to consider an alternative.


10 Best Pick-up Places

girl hugging dog at parkMeeting singles by flirting at bars and clicking with online Lavalifers definitely has its arousing advantages.

But hooking up with other spicy singles need not be limited to traditional dating venues.

In fact, it can be equally mischievous to connect with someone in an everyday environment — food shopping, wine tasting, frolicking at a dog park. Your pressure-free surroundings provide a natural conversation topic to begin interacting.

Regularity is the secret here: the more you bump into each other, the most comfortable you’ll become. Make sure to frequent places that best reflect your quirky interests.

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