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Spotting the SEX ONLY Signs

sex only 2When trying to sort out where a man falls on the scale of “Just Sex vs. Settling Down,” how can you know if he’s into you as a complete package or into your body and what it can do for his package? To give you a leg up on the situation, here are a few clues that will allow you to discern when a guy is seeing you as “convenient” instead of “commitment.”


  • He spends more money on you when he’s looking to get laid.
    Most single guys know that they have to give something to get some. But when a guy thinks it’s all about the stuff he gets a woman or the places he takes her, he is likely not looking for a relationship. More probable? He’s hoping to buy his way into more sex.

3 First Date Outfits Perfect for Fall

Getting yourself mentally prepared for a first date can be stressful. You’re meeting a new guy, you probably want him to like you, and you’re just not sure about what to expect overall. This article is not going to help you stop feeling nervous (but this one will). What I can do for you, however, is take away the extra stress that choosing an outfit brings to the equation.

Ah – you forgot about that part, right? You were probably so focused on all the things that could go wrong, or that you hope happen, that it’s now an hour before your date and you have nothing to wear. Or so you think, at least!


Should I Give Up Clubbing for My Boyfriend?

Kerry from Vancouver asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I’m still under 30 and like to socialize with people. My bf thinks it’s immature and thinks I don’t have my priorities straight. I don’t know if I’m ready to sacrifice nightlife for a guy I’m dating. I want him to come out with me and socialize at the bar too! We met at one, why can’t he enjoy going out with me?

There is nothing wrong with having an active social life beyond your boyfriend! Regardless of age, you should always maintain (and grow) friendships outside of your relationship. Studies have shown that having numerous friends is actually good for your health!

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