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I’ve Been Told I’m Too Intimidating to Guys. Should I Tone it Down?

Sophia from Winnipeg asks:Q&A: I've been called intimidating. Should I tone it down?

I’ve been told by some of my friends I can be a bit bossy. I know I have a strong personality, but men don’t like this. What are ways I can peel it back a notch without losing my personality? I don’t want someone to think I can be stepped on but I do appreciate a man who recognizes my independence.


Why Dating as a Young Professional is Like a Startup Business

young man on phoneWhat’s one of the hottest things to be involved with these days?  Start-ups!  If you’re not part of one, your friends are and they’ve probably been trying to get you to join.  It seems as if everyone is getting into the game (including yours truly who may have helped found a few.)  People are pouring their time and energy into them as never before leading to many times, less time to date!


Avoiding the Controller

woman boxing smallWhen Martin met Marie, he thought he’d died and gone to Heaven.

Out of the dating scene a while, he was surprised to find this sultry brunette catching his eye at the grocery store. She accepted his invitation for lunch, laughed at his jokes and seemed to reciprocate the mutual attraction.

He fell hard and fast but a few weeks into the relationship, Martin began to notice a gradual change in Marie’s behavior.


Warning Signs of Desperate Daters

Desperate DatersI first met Danielle at a pool party in Nantucket more than a year ago. The nearly 40-year-old beauty came to our clique as a “plus one” at a time when she was struggling with a break-up.

Scads of men sidled up to her, but with her angst pouring liberally along with the wine, it got to the point where everyone started feeling a bit over served.

Since that time Danielle’s gushing performance has become a “table topic” amongst our clan. Then this weekend she was back, this time for brunch, claiming to be “new and improved.”

But as the saying goes “old habits die hard” and Danielle proved to be no exception. Just minutes had passed before she took center stage, only this time asking anyone who would listen to “fix her”…up.

Until recently I had only come across people like Danielle on shows like The Bachelor, but last year one of my best guy friends ended up with one. Without any sense of pride or purpose, this woman stalked him from Vancouver to Atlanta, until he finally proposed.


8 Signs They’re High Maintenance

high maintenance couple smallStrutting about town with a gorgeous date on your arm can feel awesome. But if that beauty runs salon-deep and is paired with an obsessive desire for the best of everything, it can cost you a fortune.

Not only that, it can make you feel a little rough around the edges by comparison. Before committing to a high-maintenance guy or girl, consider the following.


Desperately Seeking Mr. Darcy

0024How many of us immerse ourselves in a film or literary cocoon, overdosing on the perfect romantic heroes concocted in some writer’s imagination when real men break our hearts? Answer: lots.

I was thinking about this while reading Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, a book that is impossible to put down. It follows the story of a contemporary woman named Courtney Stone who idolizes Jane Austen, hopes for her own Mr. Darcy and uses the pages of Pride and Prejudice as a cure-all after every nasty breakup or disappointment.

One morning, however, Courtney finds herself transported back to Austen’s 19th century time and has an awakening of sorts, one of those “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” type realizations. And I was reminded of all the women I know who are holding out for their own Harlequin-styled fictional characters such as Mr. Darcy, Rhett Butler or Romeo Montague. Compelling characters who might not hold up so well under scrutiny. Perhaps it’s time for a wake-up call.

So, in the time-honored tradition of analyzing the flaws and feats of one’s boyfriends or potential boyfriends, I think it’s time to put our fictional romantic heroes to the test.


How to Date a Macho Man

monster truck smallLadies, despite rumors to the contrary, we men are very easy to please when it comes to dating.

Basically, you’re looking at two essentials: nudity and a six-pack. And since some of us aren’t actually drinkers, you can usually forego the brewskis and cut right to the chase.

Yes, some of us cave-dwellers like the simple things in life: A good steak. A 52-inch Widescreen LCD HDTV with SurroundSound and a 5.1 Home Theatre System with enough woofer and tweeter rumble to detach our skulls from our spines.

Maybe a couple of floor seats to an NBA game. Or a sexy woman who shows up at our door wearing nothing but a smile, an oversized trench coat and a pair of thigh-high leather boots.


6 Reasons to Date a Divorcee

removing wedding band smallNo demographic of daters seems surrounded by more myth and stigma than the divorcee.

From the ‘easy score’ to ‘damaged goods,’ the recently eligible are frequently misunderstood.

The fact is that nearly half of all marriages in North America end in divorce, so restricting yourself from this pool of singles seriously limits your selection. Here are 6 reasons to date a divorcee.

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