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Dating in Your 30s: How to Date Fearlessly

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When we are young, we’re in training for life as an adult.

We use swimmies to learn to wade in the big kid’s pool. We use training wheels, we wear a helmet, and we tie our shoes in double knots, all so that we don’t trip and fall.

But what happens to those protective shields when we grow up?

How does your life experience help you when you’re dating in your 30s?


Tips for Living Single

man traveling smallAre singles getting ripped off?

According to a survey from Internet bank Cahoot, over a third of singles in the UK believe they’re being financially penalized because of their single status.

Whether it’s paying for a pad on your own, buying food that goes bad before you can wolf it down, missing out on a partner’s corporate-benefit programs, or being responsible for the entire costs of birthday and wedding gifts, being single can be a costly affair.

Learn how to keep your independence while cashing in on the monetary benefits of the hitched, and maybe even meet some funky new dudes and hotties in the process. Here are our top 6 tips for living single.


The Single Mom Conundrum

Childrens ToysI’m a single mom and my child is the first thing on my mind at all times. But I don’t want to be defined by my single-mom status.

I am so much more than that and besides, the label has such depressing connotations — desperation, loneliness, sadness. Yet I am none of those things. So when it comes to online dating, when is the ideal time to reveal your single-parent status?

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