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Is it Me or Am I Dating the Wrong Type of Guys?

girl ponderingRose from Ramsey asks:

“I think I look like “the girl next store”..sweet, etc. So many times the guy on my first dates tell me way too much about himself..stuff like when his dog died and how sad he felt, who was the first women he slept with (small world I knew her). How his grandmother died and how bad he felt. All stuff that is too heavy. Is it me or am I just dating the wrong type of guys? I would love to meet a guy who just made me laugh the whole date.” 


I Can’t Seem to Ever Secure a Second Date. What Should I Do?

girl with glasses curiousCynthia asks:

“I jokingly call myself the “one date wonder”. With guys that I’m interested in, I can’t get past the first or second date. They just don’t call back. I may need you to look at my profile. Another issue is guys, I guess to be polite at the end of the first date will say yes let’s go out and sometime we’ll even schedule a date. What’s a polite way of saying I’m interested but let’s give this a couple of days, if you’re still interested we’ll plan a date? It’s just depressing when they cancel or never call to make that date. Leading me on is not fun.”


Is it OK to Ask a Man to Meet Offline First?

girl blowing kisses at computerKristen asks:

“I noticed one guy checked out my profile a number of times so I sent him an email. He contacted me each day for about a week to wish me good morning and we exchanged about eight emails. I then said I’d enjoyed chatting and asked how he felt about meeting in person. He responded “that would be cool” and asked what my schedule was like for the next week. I sent him some times and suggested a possible place. I never heard back from him.

Do you think it’s OK for a women to suggest meeting in person if the guy does not ask to meet after a series of emails? I’ve had this happen a number of times where the guy emails me and I generally bring up meeting after four or five emails if the guy doesn’t suggest it. Is that OK to do or does it turn men off?”

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