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When Less Is More in an Online Dating Profile

questions sign smallIt’s a challenge for most people trying to figure out what they should write on their online dating profile. You want people to get a true sense of who you are, but often we end up sharing things that are better left to discover in person. Some online dating profiles look like essays or university thesis assignments. When you stumble upon one of those, you really have to be in the mood to sit down and get into it.


Creating Your Online Dating Username

girl surprised smallA sure fire way to get noticed is by carefully creating your username.

You should know, aside from a great profile photo, a great username will put you at an advantage over the thousands of other profiles. Don’t be placed in the crowd of singles who put no obvious thought into creating their username. Examples of dull, boring and thoughtless user names usually end with a series of numbers. This often happens when the username is already taken; so the site suggests alternative names for you, by adding a unique set of numbers to make it different; such as Mr.Romance1234; Loverboy69, Lonelyone11123.

Wow, now wasn’t that clever?

Usernames that make you laugh, create excitement, allure, add mystery or give you a sense of adventure are big winners. Some clever usernames are those that play on words. A username which describe a person’s personality, lifestyle, passions or some of their interests helps others get a sense of who you are.

One exercise to help you create a great username is by doing a little homework and research on words which describe you. Step one would be to create a long list of adjectives. Use synonyms if you want to expand your vocabulary or look for something more unique.


  • Amazing
  • Bright
  • Bold
  • Beautiful
  • Creative
  • Fanatical
  • Funny
  • Hard
  • Huge
  • Intelligent
  • Lovely
  • Mushy
  • Outstanding
  • Passionate
  • Smart
  • Sexy
  • Soft
  • Squishy

Then, create a list of nouns. This could be foods you love, activities you do, places you love, sports you play or musical instruments.


  • Fisherman
  • Golfer
  • Foodie
  • Traveler
  • Musician
  • Guitar
  • Aries
  • Scorpion
  • Lamborghini
  • Remote control
  • High heels

The next step is to start creating 2 – 3 word combinations. Even if it sounds silly, it may not sound silly to the person you’re looking to attract. It’s a fun exercise and something totally worth exploring and practicing before committing to a username.

Another great way to brainstorm ideas is to incorporate book titles, movie titles, catch phrases or favorite quotes you use. Even if your combination of words and username don’t appeal to everyone, it will appeal to the person who relates to it and is compatible to you.

You may be a Star Wars fan, a huge foodie or a book worm. Creating a username which describes your passions will strike a chord with someone who shares the same values and interests. A great username will help you stand out in the crowd. Coupled with an appealing online dating photo, you can really set yourself apart and get noticed.




Top Online Profile Photo Tips

online profile photoWhen you think about online dating and how you get noticed, you can’t ignore the first thing one sees; your online profile picture. First impressions happen within seconds of looking at your photo. In the online world it really can seem like you’re a small fish in a massive pond of random singles. Fortunately, you can spot a great online profile picture from a mile away.

Here are some tips to really highlight your best side.

Choose a Recent Picture

Everyone’ s heard the online dating stories of meeting up with a match only to realize their profile picture is 25 years old. Eek! Make sure you choose a recent picture to avoid misleading anyone. Don’t have one? That’s OK. Enlist a friend or family member to help you out by snapping a couple the next time you’re together.

Dress for dating success

When you’re applying for your dream job or meeting an important client, what type of thought and care do you put into your appearance? You clearly want to make a great impression. The same is true for your profile picture. What you choose to wear and what you upload is what others are judging you for.

What type of clothing really represents who you are, and highlights your best physical qualities and personality traits? I am a big fan of hiring a personal stylist or getting the opinion of caring friends and family who know you’re trying to put together an outfit and look for the ideal profile picture.

This is not to say you’re dressing for an interview.

You are dressing to make a great impression for the person you are looking to attract. If you’re less of a “suit guy” in your day-to-day life and jeans and a t-shirt really are what you live in, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just be sure your outfit is clean and you look put together.

Personal hygiene is not to be neglected.

If it’s time for a haircut or color, do it before you take your photos. Guys, if you need to shave and trim nose and ear hair, get it done. Ladies, it’s tacky to have chipped nail polish and runny or sloppy make up. Take pride in your appearance and put some thought and care into your photo, the results will speak for themselves.

A smile goes a long way

You would think smiling is something people would naturally do when selecting a primary photo.

Smiles are beautiful, they are free and they can brighten up anyone’s profile picture with only a matter of changing your facial features. A smile is an easy and great way to brighten up your look. In a space that is foreign and strange to most people, a smile has a universal way of saying “It’s OK” Let’s have fun. Take it easy. Life is too short.

When you are genuinely smiling, your eyes smile, and your whole expression somehow becomes warmer and friendlier. You appear to be more trusting. People want to know what you’re excited about meeting others.

They want to be part of your world. Do you ever notice how someone’s smile can make you smile? Smiling is often followed by laughter, and laughter is contagious.

Opt for High Quality

A high quality image makes all the difference. Badly cropped or blurry photos won’t help other people on the dating site know you better. They could even be the reason you don’t receive as many messages as you could. Always go with a high quality image. Any modern digital camera automatically takes photos in high quality.



The Worst Online Profile Pictures for Men

man taking photo smallWe all know online dating can be challenging when you’re not really prepared for it or ill-equipped. One of the biggest mistakes men make online, is displaying an awful profile picture.  Your profile picture says a lot about you. Let’s face it, it’s the first thing women see and a big reason she chooses to click further or run away. On that note, this list should provide you with some very obvious no no’s!


7 Sins of Online Dating

7 Deadly Sins of Online DatingMost of you reading this will have been on at least a few (or a few hundred) online dates.

And, with millions of people dating online, sifting through all the thousands of profiles to find your perfect match can be quite a challenge. The key is in dating smart and making your profile stand out from all the others. Read below, my little love disciples. Are you committing one of the seven deadly sins of online dating?


The Single Mom Conundrum

Childrens ToysI’m a single mom and my child is the first thing on my mind at all times. But I don’t want to be defined by my single-mom status.

I am so much more than that and besides, the label has such depressing connotations — desperation, loneliness, sadness. Yet I am none of those things. So when it comes to online dating, when is the ideal time to reveal your single-parent status?

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