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How to Set Yourself Apart from Online Scammers

How to Protect Yourself from ScammersWe’ve all been scammed in life, and sometimes it’s worse than other times. Maybe someone charged you twice for the bunch of bananas you bought… a minor scam.

Or maybe someone online asked you to wire him or her $10,000 to “get out of a bind and come back to the US.”

Whatever the scam, the scammers in question generally have one common theme: They reach out to you and get you.


Dating with Kids: To Tell or Not to Tell

Dating with KidsAs a dating coach in Los Angeles where the divorce rate dwarfs the national average at a whopping 75%, many of my clients come to me with complicated relationship histories.

Dating after divorce is one thing. Dating with kids after a divorce is a whole other story.

When and how should you tell your new squeeze that there’s someone else in the picture…your kids?


Men’s 7 Biggest Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating mistakes made by menOnline dating is the best thing to happen to men since Viagra so if you’re online and you’re not scoring big, you’re playing by the wrong rules.

Here are 7 reasons you’re screwing it up and how to overcome your online dating mistakes to find a great girl before your subscription runs out.

1. Form Letters

One of my clients said that he got so few responses that he didn’t see the point in sending personalized messages to women.  He would send out about 20 messages a week and got 1 or 2 replies back.

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