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2015 Guide to Writing an Effective Online Dating Profile (With Examples)

2015 is here and so is a prime opportunity to up your dating game… starting with an effective online dating profile. Writing an online dating profile can be tough, especially because you want to make yourself sound amazing and attractive, but you don’t want to make yourself sound conceited or desperate. It’s a tricky line to balance, but this article is all about helping you do just that.


How to Revamp Your Lavalife Profile for 2015

Lavalife is getting in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions with is relaunch of The site features a fresh new look for the New Year and a bunch of cool new features to make the dating experience more fun. Now we want to help you with your resolutions by giving you some tips on how to amp-up your Lavalife profile with the awesome new site features. Check out our best tips below:

The Best Online Dating Profiles

5 Things All the Best Online Dating Profiles Have

Signed up to online dating but can’t get past the profile creation step? We get it, creating the perfect online dating profile can be intimidating. That’s why we’re sharing the five things that all the best online dating profiles have in common so you can avoid the biggest mistakes and learn from others who are already out there doing it right. Read on, online dater, read on!

When writing an online dating profile it’s incredibly important to be conscious of what (and how) you’re communicating to the other online daters. Even though you want to be truthful and reflect who you really are, you don’t want to put it all on the table the second someone clicks on your profile. You want to leave something to the imagination and focus on others.


Why You’re Not Receiving More Replies to Your Online Dating Profile

So you’ve signed up for an online dating, filled out your profile and uploaded a profile picture. But you’re not getting many messages and little to no replies. What the heck? This article’s all about why you’re not receiving more replies to your online dating profile and how to kick up your interest today.

The Other Person Isn’t a Paid Subscriber

First of all, it’s important to understand how most online dating websites work. If someone’s using a free trial or hasn’t paid for the service, they might not be able to send or reply to messages. And that makes total sense, because why should you choose to pay for a service when someone else expects the same level of service for free? To keep things fair, most online dating sites require that both parties be active, paying members in order to communicate.


Tips for Choosing a Great Username for Your Online Profile

Your online dating profile username might not be your very first impression in the online dating landscape, but it is your close second. As soon as someone browsing through their matches spot your profile, they usually immediately glance over to your username to see what you’re all about. And something tells us that “horniman69″ or “wittlebaby” aren’t going to result in your potential match clicking to view more… and definitely not sending you a message.


When to Delete Your Online Dating Profile

So you’re in a new relationship, and it’s going great. But now you’re faced with a tricky question: should you delete your online dating profile? When is the right time? The truth is there is no specific length of time you should wait before deleting your profile. Every relationship is different. But here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re navigating the muddy waters of deleting your online dating profile.

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