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Should I Bring my New Girlfriend to a Family Holiday?

Paul from Auburn Hills asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

Every year I spend Thanksgiving with my parents. I’ve brought a girlfriend with me before, but they didn’t really like her and it was awkward. I’m dating someone new and they asked me to bring her to meet the family, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. It’s a pretty new relationship, but she seems open to the idea. Could use some advice.



4 Ridiculous Relationship Boundaries to Break Right Now

couple relaxing feetHave you ever heard the saying, “ pick your battles”? Is it more important to work it out, or is it more important to be right or win? Have you witnessed abusive traits that you now carry into your own personal relationships?

Are you scared of being abandoned? Do you feel like you can’t trust anyone unless you are in their sight? I find that RIDICULOUS relationship boundaries, which are boundaries that aren’t healthy or beneficial to your relationship, will only serve to toss it down the tubes quicker than quick!


When Your New Relationship’s Honeymoon Stage Ends

couple hugging and smilingBig Yay!  You’ve made it through the first chapter in your new relationship: the Honeymoon Stage. The stage when everything is so new, fresh, exciting, and magical.

You’ve likely either hidden your smelly socks from each other or you’ve overlooked them, favoring instead the butterflies and the feelings of elation and ecstasy that accompany a new love affair.

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