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7 Cheap Date Ideas

Cheap Date IdeasHe’s wearing thrift store pants circa 1978 and a blue plastic pocket-protector emblazoned with First Mutual Bank who pays his fast food bill in rolled pennies and cries if he has to break a ten.

Cheap dates definitely have a bad rap, yet most of us have lived through some time in our lives when we had more romance in our hearts than cash in the bank.

Does a date have to be expensive to be memorable? Absolutely not. In fact, we’ve come up with a list of seven fabulous but cheap dates that are both financially frugal and romantically extravagant.


Are You Fiscally Compatible?

Dating a CheapskateWhen it comes to finding a romantic partner we all have an unwritten checklist that usually includes attributes such as like-mindedness, sense of humor, shared goals, similar sex drives, and common cultural or religious affiliations – all hot topics when determining a good match.

Not such a hot topic is personal financial style or money style. But it should be. A mismatch in this area can spark unhappiness and frustration while deeply diminishing relationship satisfaction.

So what’s your money style, what’s your partner’s, and can a credit card-wielding shoe fiend live in peace and harmony with a frugal, financial forward-thinker?

Financial experts have defined three main categories that relate to a person’s spending and saving habits. Identifying your personal money style — and understanding your partner’s — gives you insight into this often neglected area of compatibility. And it could save you from some serious gnashing of teeth when the bills come in.


Bridging an Income Gap

money balance loveWe’d all like to believe that when you meet that special someone and end up falling for them, something like money couldn’t possibly be an insurmountable obstacle in the face of burgeoning love.

The truth is that money, the lack thereof, or a noticeable disparity in income, can be a huge problem for relationships. In fact, a study by the University of Denver shows that money-related issues are the primary source of relationship strain.


8 Signs They’re High Maintenance

high maintenance couple smallStrutting about town with a gorgeous date on your arm can feel awesome. But if that beauty runs salon-deep and is paired with an obsessive desire for the best of everything, it can cost you a fortune.

Not only that, it can make you feel a little rough around the edges by comparison. Before committing to a high-maintenance guy or girl, consider the following.


Tips for Living Single

man traveling smallAre singles getting ripped off?

According to a survey from Internet bank Cahoot, over a third of singles in the UK believe they’re being financially penalized because of their single status.

Whether it’s paying for a pad on your own, buying food that goes bad before you can wolf it down, missing out on a partner’s corporate-benefit programs, or being responsible for the entire costs of birthday and wedding gifts, being single can be a costly affair.

Learn how to keep your independence while cashing in on the monetary benefits of the hitched, and maybe even meet some funky new dudes and hotties in the process. Here are our top 6 tips for living single.


Tips for Dating a Cheapskate

Dating a CheapskateIs your guy so cheap he squeaks when he walks? Is your girl so thrifty she uses tea bags thrice? I feel your pain.

I too was a long-suffering companion of a date who felt that a root canal was preferable to spending money.

Allow me to introduce him. We’ll call him Rob. (I’ll call him the most miserly, tightfisted Scrooge to ever walk the face of the planet.) Let’s have a look at some of Rob’s endearingly frugal ways, penny-pinching behavior that bought our relationship to an untimely end.

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