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How to Set a Gift Exchange Budget This Holiday Season

Whether it’s your first holiday season together or your twentieth, setting a gift exchange budget is an important decision to make as a couple. At least having a range of what’s acceptable to spend on one another will help you both avoid feeling as though you’ve bought too little or too much for the other person. Plus, there won’t be any pressure to spend more than you’re actually comfortable spending. Nobody likes a massive credit card bill the first week of the New Year!

Holiday breakup

How to Deal with a Breakup Right Before the Holidays

Dealing with a breakup is hard, especially during the holidays. You’re surrounded by couples, family members you haven’t seen in months want to know what happened to your ex and every holiday movie in theatres is a romantic comedy — just ugh. Don’t worry, Lavalife understands; here’s how to deal with a breakup right before the holidays.


Advice for Your First Thanksgiving as a New Couple

Your first Thanksgiving as a new couple can help you learn a lot about your new partner – especially if you have yet to meet his family. On the other hand, it can be a stressful time because you might feel like you have to be on your absolute best behaviour. With Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and American Thanksgiving also on the horizon, we’re sharing our top tips for surviving your first Thanksgiving holiday as a new couple.


Should I Bring my New Girlfriend to a Family Holiday?

Paul from Auburn Hills asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

Every year I spend Thanksgiving with my parents. I’ve brought a girlfriend with me before, but they didn’t really like her and it was awkward. I’m dating someone new and they asked me to bring her to meet the family, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. It’s a pretty new relationship, but she seems open to the idea. Could use some advice.



Tips for Holiday Coping

girl smiling smallLet’s face it, aside from Valentine’s Day, Christmas is probably the most couples-oriented holiday of the year.

And for those of us already feeling the pinch of living in a partnered-up world, it’s enough to bring on a bad case of the holiday blues. Of course, there are many other contributing factors that make the J-man’s B-day (or Hanukkah for that matter) a breeding ground for depression.

For starters, there’s the cold weather and lack of daylight. In fact, it’s estimated that two million Canadians suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a mood-altering syndrome brought on by the dark days of winter. Then there’s all the financial stress — not to mention amplified family issues — to contend with.

So just how is a single person expected to ward off an impending festive funk?

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