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Ways to Bend the Boring Dating Rules

boring dating 2If you asked ten dating experts the same questions about love and dating, you could end up with ten different versions of an answer. Does that mean some answers are wrong, while the other is right? No. What it means is that there are no true magical rules for every situation. We are all very different as people. Likewise, every flirtation or dating situation is different.


Advice for Women Who Are Dating More Than One Guy

dating more 2Dating is like going to a candy store.  Each time you try a different piece to see which one you like the best.  Some look enticing on the outside until you unwrap and taste it only to discover it wasn’t what you thought.  Others may not look so great displayed on the shelf, but once you try it you realize that it is your favorite and you keep going back for more!

“Playing the field” in dating Candyland is actually a healthy way to discover not only who is right for you, but also a great way to get to know yourself in the process.  When I coach clients I always explain my theory of dating as having several phases.  The first phase is the courting phase where it should be light and fun while getting to know various people.


Spotting the SEX ONLY Signs

sex only 2When trying to sort out where a man falls on the scale of “Just Sex vs. Settling Down,” how can you know if he’s into you as a complete package or into your body and what it can do for his package? To give you a leg up on the situation, here are a few clues that will allow you to discern when a guy is seeing you as “convenient” instead of “commitment.”


  • He spends more money on you when he’s looking to get laid.
    Most single guys know that they have to give something to get some. But when a guy thinks it’s all about the stuff he gets a woman or the places he takes her, he is likely not looking for a relationship. More probable? He’s hoping to buy his way into more sex.

Awkward Moments: How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

conversation skills 2Are you an extreme extrovert that marches through meetings with attractive men like a military tank, fully confident and well-armed with social chatter ready to be discharged? Probably not, very few women are wired that way, for most women these meetings can be tense, regardless of how the meeting was arranged.

Even after e-mails, phone exchanges, and perhaps a mini-date, full face-to-face meetings can be anxiety producing.


The Most Delicious Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ever

green smoothie recipeI’m sure you’ve heard these statements before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, skipping breakfast can be harmful to your health, and the kicker, omitting a morning meal can lead to the development of obesity. While I am not here to take a side on the validity of these statements, I do know that eating breakfast makes me a more productive, energetic and peppy person. But sometimes, the thought of preparing and chewing an elaborate healthy meal in the morning is too much too handle, which is why I’d like to give you another breakfast idea – the green smoothie.


4 Ridiculous Relationship Boundaries to Break Right Now

couple relaxing feetHave you ever heard the saying, “ pick your battles”? Is it more important to work it out, or is it more important to be right or win? Have you witnessed abusive traits that you now carry into your own personal relationships?

Are you scared of being abandoned? Do you feel like you can’t trust anyone unless you are in their sight? I find that RIDICULOUS relationship boundaries, which are boundaries that aren’t healthy or beneficial to your relationship, will only serve to toss it down the tubes quicker than quick!


How to Manage Stress: Quick, Easy Fixes for the Guy on the Go

man stressed at deskAs a busy professional, there’s a lot on your mind. Whether you’re working a normal 9-5, or running your own business, it’s become second nature to think about work when you step away from the office.

While you’re out meeting women; they can tell if something else is distracting you, which can get in the way of making a connection.


How do I Avoid Being a Clingy Dater?

Alyssa from St. Johns asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I dated a guy from [an online dating site] and it was nice. He has 3 kids and a good relationship with his ex-wife. He left me because he thought I was too clingy. I accept that and have learned to do better about getting too close to men. But what should I do differently if I’m looking for a relationship and fulfilling my “needs” as a woman? Men take that as a hook up and I’m not in college anymore, how do I find a man and not seem too clingy if that’s what I want?


When Your New Relationship’s Honeymoon Stage Ends

couple hugging and smilingBig Yay!  You’ve made it through the first chapter in your new relationship: the Honeymoon Stage. The stage when everything is so new, fresh, exciting, and magical.

You’ve likely either hidden your smelly socks from each other or you’ve overlooked them, favoring instead the butterflies and the feelings of elation and ecstasy that accompany a new love affair.

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