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Texting: How to Do It Right

hands texting“Textiquette”

Texts are great.  They can be fun, flirty, and fast.  When dating, though, there is definitely a line that needs to be drawn between the cute text and the annoying, over-the-top text, and as the person writing the text, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference.  Let’s discuss the etiquette of texting, or textiquette, as it shall now be named.  (I thought I coined that term, but it appears Urban Dictionary beat me to the punch.  Darn it!)


World’s Most Awesome Pick-Up Lines

Woman laughing at bar“Do you believe in love at first sight — or should I walk by again?”

Maybe you haven’t heard that one before, but if you’re female and have a pulse, chances are you’ve been subjected to a pick-up line (or five) sometime during your lifetime.

It’s a curious phenomenon, the icebreaker, although if it’s executed poorly or by the wrong person, much embarrassment ensues. For example, I’d hate to be the guy who offered this line: “If you were a nose, I’d pick you to be mine.”

Not exactly the most flattering way of telling a woman she’s beautiful — and certainly a no-no when it comes to hoping that she’ll share a mattress for the night. But when flawlessly executed, the proper pick-up line can melt the resolve of even the most resistant of potential bunkmates.

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