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Advice for Your First Thanksgiving as a New Couple

Your first Thanksgiving as a new couple can help you learn a lot about your new partner – especially if you have yet to meet his family. On the other hand, it can be a stressful time because you might feel like you have to be on your absolute best behaviour. With Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and American Thanksgiving also on the horizon, we’re sharing our top tips for surviving your first Thanksgiving holiday as a new couple.


Should I Bring my New Girlfriend to a Family Holiday?

Paul from Auburn Hills asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

Every year I spend Thanksgiving with my parents. I’ve brought a girlfriend with me before, but they didn’t really like her and it was awkward. I’m dating someone new and they asked me to bring her to meet the family, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. It’s a pretty new relationship, but she seems open to the idea. Could use some advice.



7 Tips for When You Meet His Parents

7 tips for meeting his parents

1. Understand that his family are people. Just like you and just like your family!

His family is not a bunch of monsters. His parents are no different than your own parents. Sure, they may have different personalities, different ideas, and even different ways of life. But underneath it all they are just people. They will have their own insecurities, and want you to like them just as much as you want them to like you.


Becoming a Parent – On Your Own

Becoming a Parent While SingleA new trend shows smart, educated women are choosing to have children by themselves in record numbers.

And so, of course, politicians and self-proclaimed “family values advocates” are predicting certain doom in the form of delinquent, uneducated kids living below the poverty level. But this doesn’t have to be the reality.

Is Single Parenthood a Good Choice?

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