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What to Do When Your Cheating Ex Texts You

Let’s face it, cheaters always come running back; but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’ll entertain them. Here’s what to do when your cheating ex texts you.

1. No Response
No response is always the best response. Why consider speaking to this person, when they failed to consider you before they did the dirty deed? Just because you’ve forgiven the person for cheating, doesn’t mean you two should become best buds again. Think about the kind of energy you want to attract in your life. If he or she doesn’t act as a positive force within your life, then responding to their text message is an absolute no no!  You deserve better and with over 7 billion people in this world, trust us when we say you’ll find it — especially if you use Lavalife.


Is There Merit to Giving Your Ex a Second Chance?

It’s hard to break away from the familiar, especially when the good times were good (even though the bad times might have been real, real bad). Lots men and women consider giving their exes second chances. But, is there really any merit to giving your ex a second chance? Or, is the decision to try again only going to end in heartbreak? Read this post to find out if it’s worth giving it a go… just one more time.


Can You Really Be Friends With an Ex?

When a long-term relationship ends, you not only lose a partner, you also lose one of your best friends. It’s no wonder why many couples try to stay friends post-breakup. But is it really possible to stay friends with an ex? Every relationship is different. What comes naturally to some may be very painful for others. Consider the following questions when you’re decided whether to save the friendship or walk away.


I Think I Might Want My Ex-Girlfriend Back, But Do I?

Joe from Montreal asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I recently got out of a relationship with my girl of 4 months and I’m heartbroken. I think I fell in love with her. She said I was not as committed as she was and that I am not supportive in her job. She works late night as a bartender and I don’t see why she broke up with me if she’s the one who is always busy and working. It’s been 2 weeks since the breakup. Should I send her flowers and apologize?

Joe, I feel for you. The period immediately following a breakup involves pain, a sense of loss, confusion, frustration and anger.  It is never easy and no one can prepare you for the flood of thoughts and feelings that dominate every moment.   The idea of having the person back in your life seems like a refuge from the deep sense of loss.

I know you feel the urge to contact your ex-girlfriend and talk to her about what happened.  I know you want the chance to connect and see her one more time. I know you want to find ways to make her demanding work schedule sync up with your relationship expectations.

I know. We’ve all been there.

Before you rush to the local florist, I urge you to give this matter of the heart more time. In fact, I think you should give it more in the ballpark of two months.   Give yourself time to adjust and consider your options.  Use the time apart to consider your feelings, the direction of the relationship and what you need in your life right now.  It may or may not be her.

In relationships, just as in life, it takes time to adjust to a new routine and see positive results.  Think of it as a new workout or trying to add more green leafy products to your diet.  It seems like hard, painful work as first that eventually, if you persist, will yield positive results.

Trust me and take the time.


He was Treating me Like a Queen…And Then He Just Vanished

Kathy from Kitchener asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert


I am trying to find peace over the guy who came on SO strong (it’s exactly what you describe). I was hesitant…we were moving too fast… he was in constant contact, treating me like a queen, and then without warning, he vanished. He even ignored two of my text messages. I don’t want a guy who behaves like this back—what I want is to find peace. I’m obsessing over him and the situation, and I want to stop.


My Boyfriend Has Been Texting His Ex. Should I Confront Him?

Jazmin from London asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I’ve seen my boyfriend’s phone receive a few texts from his ex recently. My boyfriend was going through a tough time with his dad and I think he might’ve asked his ex for advice. Why would he go to her for counselling? They dated a long time ago and I’ve been with him for 2 years. It’s hurtful to think I’m not giving him enough support or that his ex is giving him more than I can. Should I confront him about it?

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