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I Never Get a Call After a First Date. What am I Doing Wrong?

Charmaine from Kitchener asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I’m about to give up on dating altogether. For some reason, everything seems to go really well on the first date but there have been 5 dates in a row now that just never call me back. I’ve thought it over a million times and can’t think of what I’m doing wrong. The conversation is good, I think the guy seems interested, but then I never hear anything after that. It’s getting depressing at this point.


Kiss Your Unhealthy Relationships Goodbye!

How to Remove Unhealthy Relationships From Your LifeAs a 20 or 30-something woman, you have your whole delicious life in front of you. You get to choose who you want in your inner circle.

If you’re finding that you have an unhealthy relationship with a friend who is bringing drama and stress into your life, you might also be finding that you get sucked into her craziness. You should know you don’t have to continue to feel that way.


Dating with Dogs: Love Me, Love My Pet

Woman and DogIt was love at first sight. Alas, the love was between Marilyn and Spider, the 7-lb Yorkie she’d brought home a few days before her first date with Travis.

“We went out several times, and everything was going great,” says Marilyn, a philosophy professor whose courses include animal ethics. “But one night Spider was coughing, and Travis got really mad because he couldn’t sleep and he had to get up for work early the next day. But he was so nasty about it. I knew it was over then.”

The canine conundrum didn’t stop there. A few weeks later Jonas, another guy Marilyn met online, said, “I don’t like your dog. He makes you look spoiled.” The problem, she decided, wasn’t with Spider — he came with the territory — but with her prospective mates. Jonas, too, was out the door, with nary a stop in the figurative doghouse.


Are You Dating A Gold Digger?

How to know you're dating a gold diggerYou may be surprised to learn that it’s a relatively common concern. Yes, there are women and men out there looking for an easy ride on your gravy train, but sometimes people are unfairly branded as gold diggers.

Some of the misconception lies in the fact that men expect “liberated” women to want to pay for themselves, but women still want to be treated nicely. At the same time, successful women worry that an unscrupulous man will take advantage of her “feminist” feelings to dig a little gold of his own. So, where does the line lie between treating and taking advantage?


Can a Kiss Be a Deal Breaker?

girl with glasses curiousHave you ever kissed someone you really liked only to find that after the smooch was over, your feelings towards them had changed? You’re not alone, as a new study on kissing reveals.

The Kiss Off

According to the study of 1,041 college students at the University at Albany, 59 per cent of men and 66 per cent of women admitted that romantic desire for a person had evaporated after a first kiss.

But what happens within the seemingly harmless act of kissing that can turn lust into indifference? Apparently, it’s all in his or her kiss.


What’s Worse: An Affair or a Prostitute?

What's worse - an affair or a prostitute?And while many of us were aghast at the idea of spending $80,000 on sex (hell-o! That’s a new car! Or a couple of years worth of mortgage payments!), others believed sex with a prostitute to be more palatable than an ordinary affair.

A recent Lavalife poll of more than 6,000 daters revealed that 61 per cent thought an affair was worse than a prostitute. In fact, only 34 per cent of men and 43 per cent of women thought sleeping with a prostitute was worse.



Signs They’re Commitment-Phobic

Are you dating a commitment-phobe?Here’s a point to ponder: is there really such a thing as commitment-phobia or is fear of commitment just a handy but empty excuse?

Consider this. I’ve got two closets in my bedroom. It’s a luxury that I’m very grateful to have. Once, when I was showing my apartment to a girlfriend’s friend, I jokingly referred to my closets as “his and his” closets. Two days later, my (now ex) girlfriend was telling me that I was commitment-phobic.

I was flabbergasted that an off-the-cuff remark triggered such a harsh accusation.

I always thought that commitment-phobia was a media-fanned fake phobia that people made up when someone didn’t want to be with someone.

Researching the topic can take you to all kinds of strange places. You’ll find the usual well-worn rants on how all men are commitment-phobic and you can even find hypnotherapists who promise to cure you of your phobia.

While I think the general response to the issue goes a little over the top, there are definitely some things worth knowing about spotting someone who may be averse to the “C” word.

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