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Think Before You Speak

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Janine Jankowski can still recall the last words she exchanged with a guy she was dating, who happened to be a few inches shorter than she.

“I had a lactose problem at the time, so I was buying all these health products,” says the tall, blonde 26-year-old. “What you would call his famous last words were, ‘Now I don’t have to drink any more of this lactose-intolerant bulls***.’ I said, ‘And now I can wear heels.’”


14 Things Guys Don’t Ever Want to Discuss. Ever.

Things to Avoid Talking About to Your GuyThere’s a new book out called How to Set His Thighs On Fire by Kate White, editor of Cosmopolitan. In it, she lists nine topics that “make guys gag.”

That got us thinking. Could this really be all? Could it really be true? Are there actually women out there in the world still regaling their boyfriends with stories of menstrual cramps and ex-boyfriends who are professional wrestlers?

Sadly, the answer is yes. After talking with a number of men we learned that not only are women still gabbing endlessly about the nine topics listed in How to Set His Thighs On Fire; they’ve actually expanded the dreaded list to include more. Lots more.

Here are the topics White says guys wish women would just stop talking about:


How to Date with a Sense of Humor

Couple Laughing TogetherEverything was going so well. The tuna was properly seared, the chardonnay crisp and dry, and you hadn’t once wondered if there was an exit out back for a quick escape.

But no sooner she thinks, “Hmmm, maybe I won’t be falling asleep to Wolf Blitzer tonight,” then it happens — you crack a joke only the boys would high-five you for and your date doesn’t know where to look for reassurance.

Pretty soon, you’re talking about having “a sexytime” with her, and your table is drawing the kind of looks normally associated with drunken frat boys on pub night. Dinner has turned into Evening at the Improv with your Uncle Ralph.

Guys, Listen up.

All those Borat impressions, Russell Peters one-liners, and SNL skit reenactments — fuhgeddaboutit.


Talking Health with a New Love

Talking Health and FitnessWhen is the best time to tell a new partner about issues affecting your health? And what’s the best way to raise the matter with sensitivity and tact?

Many of us live with health issues or medical conditions that are an intrinsic part of who we are — conditions we deal with day in day out, often for life. And there will come a time when we need to discuss a potentially sensitive health issue with a new partner.


Little White Lies

When you shouldn't tell white liesAnyone in a successful relationship will tell you honesty is essential to having a great partnership. So is it ever OK to stretch the truth when getting to know someone new?

White lies are variations on the facts designed to hide a truth that would otherwise be hurtful or harmful to hear. Here are some of the most common untruths uttered in order to maintain a little dignity and decorum when dating.


5 First Date Ice-Breakers

5 ice breakers for your first dateSometimes breaking the ice on a first date can be tough, especially if you are naturally shy.


“I find first dates horrible,” says Bob, a 40-something Vancouver native. “I was married for 15 years and now that I’m single I find talking to the opposite sex nerve-wracking. I get sweaty palms, the whole deal.”

Luckily for the likes of Bob, you can learn to improve your oral and aural appeal. Confidence expert Leil Lowndes, author of many books including How to Talk to Anyone, Goodbye to Shy and How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You, shares her tips for saying the right things and coming across great on a first date.

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