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I Met a Guy But he Doesn’t Speak my Language. Could it Ever Work?

Holly from Dorval asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I’m English speaking but living in Quebec for work. I’ve met a gorgeous guy and have gone on a few dates with him, but he speaks almost only French and communication is definitely a problem. If we don’t speak the same language but there’s a spark, is there any hope for us? I’m going to French classes for my job which will help me a bit, but it’s a problem right now. Help!


Kiss Your Unhealthy Relationships Goodbye!

How to Remove Unhealthy Relationships From Your LifeAs a 20 or 30-something woman, you have your whole delicious life in front of you. You get to choose who you want in your inner circle.

If you’re finding that you have an unhealthy relationship with a friend who is bringing drama and stress into your life, you might also be finding that you get sucked into her craziness. You should know you don’t have to continue to feel that way.

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