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Your Anniversary: What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend To Get Gift Ideas

girlfriend anniversary giftBeing with someone for a couple of years, you already have a good idea of what she likes.

If you are smart, you will write it down for later reference for gift giving times, especially ones that are as important as a birthday or anniversary. If you  haven’t been really paying attention, then consider the kind of person she is.


7 Tips for When You Meet His Parents

7 tips for meeting his parents

1. Understand that his family are people. Just like you and just like your family!

His family is not a bunch of monsters. His parents are no different than your own parents. Sure, they may have different personalities, different ideas, and even different ways of life. But underneath it all they are just people. They will have their own insecurities, and want you to like them just as much as you want them to like you.


I Met a Guy But he Doesn’t Speak my Language. Could it Ever Work?

Holly from Dorval asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I’m English speaking but living in Quebec for work. I’ve met a gorgeous guy and have gone on a few dates with him, but he speaks almost only French and communication is definitely a problem. If we don’t speak the same language but there’s a spark, is there any hope for us? I’m going to French classes for my job which will help me a bit, but it’s a problem right now. Help!

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