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Are You Fiscally Compatible?

Dating a CheapskateWhen it comes to finding a romantic partner we all have an unwritten checklist that usually includes attributes such as like-mindedness, sense of humor, shared goals, similar sex drives, and common cultural or religious affiliations – all hot topics when determining a good match.

Not such a hot topic is personal financial style or money style. But it should be. A mismatch in this area can spark unhappiness and frustration while deeply diminishing relationship satisfaction.

So what’s your money style, what’s your partner’s, and can a credit card-wielding shoe fiend live in peace and harmony with a frugal, financial forward-thinker?

Financial experts have defined three main categories that relate to a person’s spending and saving habits. Identifying your personal money style — and understanding your partner’s — gives you insight into this often neglected area of compatibility. And it could save you from some serious gnashing of teeth when the bills come in.

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