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How do I Tell my Girlfriend I’m Not Ready to Settle Down?

Anthony from Toronto asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

 My gf of 6 months is already looking to settle down more seriously than I do. She’s a bit fragile and sensitive, what should I say to make sure she doesn’t stay in cloud 9? I like her a lot but I’m still a young guy and don’t see myself doing anything serious for another few years when I have my career all set in stone.


I’m Not Ready to Give Up on Our Relationship. Is She?

Ramon from New York asks…What if I'm not ready to give up on our relationship?


My girlfriend and I broke up not long ago. The relationship was going well, but we are both parents. She lives with her child but I don’t live with mine but I have them twice a week. She broke up because we live two hours away of each other and says that if we were to live together it wouldn’t be fair for my kids to have to sit in a car for four hours every week, that they would growth resentful that their dad decided to make a life 2 hours away from them. I told her that we could make it work, but she’s set on how difficult it would be and that I would not be available to my kids, even though its only 2 hours away. Is there hope for me to change her mind? Recently she was telling how she’d rather be with somebody that she loves even if it was once a week, I told her it could be 5 days a week and in the meantime I would stay with my kids the days I see them but she’s convinced it won’t work. Is there something that I’m not seeing?



When Partners are Addicted

alcoholic on street smallThis article is for anyone caught up in a relationship with an addict. It’s an attempt to help you understand the destructive cycle you’re locked into.

And it’s a guide to how you can escape it with your health and your sanity intact.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is terrible but dating an addict may be even worse. It is confusing, embarrassing, socially and emotionally destructive and very, very lonely. The partners of addicts often find it difficult to reach out to friends and family about the problem, preferring to suffer in silence.


Relationship Rehab

Can your relationship be saved?The relationship looks promising.

You have the same twisted love of Monty Python movies, you like each other’s friends (even the weird ones), and the chemistry is palpable. Things are looking good.

Until you screw it up.

Maybe you cheated on her. Maybe you got drunk at his company picnic and threw up on the boss’s shoes. Maybe you completely wigged out, Glenn Close-in-Fatal Attraction-style, over a purported flirtation with an enthusiastic member of the wait staff. Or maybe what started out as an innocent tug-of-war over the movie listings blew up into a name-calling, plate-smashing, temper tantrum.

The result? The relationship that seemed so promising last week may not survive the weekend. Can your relationship ever recover? Or should you just throw in the towel?


Dating Someone in the Military

Dating a Military PersonThere’s nothing as sexy as a man in uniform or so the stereotype goes.

But, for obvious reasons, the idea of dating a soldier during wartime can be daunting.

Mikki Glass, a New Yorker who is dating a First Sergeant in the US Army, says that when she first met him she had concerns, “Especially since I had no idea what that [dating a soldier] meant.

“But I realized that this was THE guy and that it was better to be with him than to worry about what might not ever happen, such as him being deployed.”


7 Ways to Know They’re ‘The One’

Wedding CoupleDating is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

And for most of us, it comprises a huge and very influential chunk of our social life in our late teens and throughout our 20s.

Unless your surname is Clooney, however, sooner or later you’re apt to want to settle into something a little more permanent – co-habitation for example, and maybe even marriage and starting a family.

But any such decision raises a host of other questions, not least this little jewel: how will I know for sure if the person I am in a relationship with is the right person to forge a future with? Dilemmas come and dilemmas go but none are as potentially fraught as untangling yourself from the wrong life partner.

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