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6 Personal Makeovers for Your Dating Lifestyle

girl with glasses curiousWhen getting to know someone new, there are things we are willing to accept and others that will send us running in the other direction.

The first home visit can be a deal-breaker for many of us, especially if one enters a time warped studio filled with an absurd collection of Snoopy dolls or posters of Elvis in his later days.

We each have our own tipping points, as we weigh the good from the bad that can lead us to make a no-go decision at this key time in every relationship. Yet there are a few simple adjustments that any of us can do to make our homes more accessible to others, and even for ourselves.


Should We Date Carbon Copies of Ourselves?

girl smiling at boy smallConventional wisdom holds that opposites attract. But do they really? What about the many experts that say we’re commonly attracted to people who share characteristics similar to our own?

Let’s examine whether or not we should really be dating carbon copies of ourselves. After all, dating psychology has a lot to do with relationship success.

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