Should I Bring my New Girlfriend to a Family Holiday?

Paul from Auburn Hills asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

Every year I spend Thanksgiving with my parents. I’ve brought a girlfriend with me before, but they didn’t really like her and it was awkward. I’m dating someone new and they asked me to bring her to meet the family, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea. It’s a pretty new relationship, but she seems open to the idea. Could use some advice.


Think about the future Paul. If you and this girl hit it off then eventually you will need to introduce her to your parents. There is no way around that. If your girlfriend is cool with meeting them then I think it’s not a bad idea at all.

But let’s get down to the deeper issue. Why didn’t your parents like your ex-girlfriend? Do you think the qualities in your ex are the same as in your current girlfriend?

If you really like the new girl you’re dating then I would talk to your parents ahead of time and let them know why you like her. It sounds sappy, I know, but it will be important for them to know what you see in your new girl and maybe even explain how she might be different from your ex.

This will be a good attempt to diminish any awkwardness and have a better Thanksgiving. Good luck!

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