Online Dating Tips To Get A First Date

Tips to landing a first dateThere are some very simple yet effective online dating tips you can apply to your own life, all of which will assist you in getting a first date.  The point of online dating is for you to increase the opportunity of meeting someone, so you can successfully take the relationship offline.

Here are 4 online dating tips to start applying to your own dating life now:

1. Use your Best Online Dating Profile Photo

Men and women alike are quite visual. In a sea of unflattering, outdated, inappropriate, bathroom “selfie” photos, it’s very easy to spot a great online dating profile photo. Your best photo typically showcases your full body. Your photo is clear, recent, presentable, and professional yet fun.

The best profile photos are ones in which you’re smiling, and the photos that highlight your positive personality through your eyes and smile. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; meaning your photo has the ability to say a lot about your story and who you are. Be sure you are choosing the photo that allows you to make the best first impression possible.

The same careful selection of photos needs to be given to the photos you choose to use in your gallery. These photos should have you in action, and should showcase your lifestyle including any hobbies and interests.

2. Choose an Interesting and Creative Profile Name

Second to the profile photos, in terms of importance to getting a first date, comes your choice of a unique username. With the absence of body language (which makes up 55% of communication) your words become increasingly important to getting noticed online.

The worst kind of username is any name that shows that you didn’t really put a lot of thought into the name selection. What’s in a name, you ask? Everything!

I’ve read profile names such as “Mr.Lonely 345”, “Single876”, and “NewAtThis1001”. Are those appealing nicknames? Your profile name should also give your prospective partner some insight to your personality and a description of who you are. It’s not always easy to think of a good name!

My point is that you need to give this one some thought. It’s helpful to make a list of adjectives and activities that will showcase your best character features.

3. Your Tagline is Your Personal Advertising Space

Your tagline is your prospective partner’s call to action. This is another area in which you can entice or invite the type of person you are specifically looking for to your profile.

If you are a vegetarian, for example, you may use this space to highlight that. Or, you might be an avid traveler or adventure seeker, wanting to attract other singles who share your love of thrill-seeking.

4. Put Thought Into Your First Message

Now that you’ve carefully selected your profile photos, chosen an interesting user name, and created a descriptive tagline; the next step is to create a personalized message to send your person of interest.

If there’s one thing women are annoyed by the most, it’s any message with anything less than 4 – 5 words. The “Hi”, “Hey”, What’s Up”, “Looking good”, “How are you”, “Holla”, and “Sexy” can all be grouped into one box – and this box is labelled “delete”.

The only time one can truly get away with a short greeting is if their profile photo and description are out of this world. They’ve got to be a 10 of 10 in my books, and that typically doesn’t happen. It really shows no initiative for someone to message you in less than 5 words. First messages can make or break your odds of getting a first date.

The above online dating tips are easy, actionable items you can take and apply to your own dating life immediately. They will help you get the positive results you want offline, and will get you on the path to landing a great first date. Make sure you spend time on creating an online dating profile which will give you the best opportunity to attract the type of person you’re looking for.

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