Online Dating Myths Debunked

online dating keyboardToday it seems online dating is pretty main stream, but there exists quite a few online dating myths I’d like to debunk. I’ve met and interviewed thousands of singles who admitted at some point in their single dating life they have dabbled in online dating. Why not? If you’re single and looking, you should definitely know and explore what’s out there when it comes to your dating options. There have also been thousands of successful first dates, short-term relationships, long-term relationships and even marriages as a result of online dating. What you hear about online dating is not always true; and we have to remember most people like to embellish their experiences.

Dating Myth # 1 : Online dating is for losers

This is such a generalization and is so far from the truth. What is a loser anyways? It’s the opinion of someone who had a bad experience or met someone who had “loser-ish” qualities. There are certainly people who date online who need to learn some online dating etiquette and are poor communicators, but to say online dating is for losers is totally false.

Online dating is for anyone who wants an opportunity to meet someone to date, and develop into the type of relationship they are mutually interested in. There are many professionals who date online. Online dating is for people from all walks of life and range from students to CEO’s, blue collar to white collar, executives and retirees.

Dating Myth # 2: Online dating is not safe

Online dating is as safe as meeting someone in real life. What you need to be conscious of, is what kind of information you share with someone online and in the real world. You wouldn’t give a perfect stranger your home address right away would you? Or start sharing any deep personal and private information such as where you work, your home phone number (unless it’s private) or give them money within days of meeting this person. With online dating, you actually have the ability to learn a lot more about a person from the start, as opposed to a perfect stranger at a bar. You can review their photos, creep their social media and Facebook if you’ve shared identities; giving you more of a sense of security before choosing to get to know this person on a deeper and more intimate level.

Dating Myth # 3: I meet people all the time, there’s no one online for me

Well with that type of attitude it’s hard to believe you’ll meet anyone online or offline. Online dating takes time. Finding the right one is a process which requires time, effort, patience and know how. There have been thousands of successful relationships and marriages which started from online dating. With online dating, you can search for someone based on similar interests, lifestyle, physical attraction, geographic location and personality traits. There are plenty of candidates online, but you have to learn how to navigate the online tools your site offers and exercise a degree of patience and always have a positive attitude! As they say in the law of attraction, “You get what you expect,” and “You attract what you think of most,.” Start thinking you will soon find someone totally awesome online and you’ll be overwhelmed with all the great candidates coming your way.

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