My Girlfriend’s Friends Are Trying to Ruin Our Relationship

Charles from Jacksonville asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

How do I tell my girlfriend that her friends are trying to sabotage our relationship? Her best friend keeps trying to accuse me of texting and flirting with other girls. I have all kinds of proof on my phone and online messaging with these girls who are JUST friends but if I show every conversation, it’ll only mean I caved in. I don’t want to give her friends the satisfaction of prying into my personal life.

Dear Charles,

How’s your track record in the loyalty and faithfulness department? Are you a true-blue boyfriend who doesn’t cheat? If so, good for you – make sure your girlfriend knows that about you.

It’s usually best to go straight to the source with your communication, so I’d recommend talking with this best friend who’s causing the trouble. Let her know that you are indeed loyal and that you don’t appreciate her representing you as otherwise.

Also, take a look at the relationships you’re having online, carving out any that are flirtatious or provocative in any way. Make sure those ladies know that you are happily attached, or lessen/stop your contact with those other women.

In your heart, you know the difference between friends and flirt-buddies.

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