Looking for Girl Advice? Here are 6 Places to Avoid

Looking for girl advice? Avoid these 6 places!#6 – The “Natural”

Every guy has that friend who is just amazing with women. Let’s call him “the natural”. He’s never had to scour the Internet for girl advice. He always knows exactly how to get girls. As much as you want to ask this guy for help, it’s best to stay away.

Most naturals don’t really understand what they are doing wrong or right.

It’s difficult for them to teach you the “why” and the “what” because sometimes they don’t even get it themselves! The natural will be a tough person to ask so it’s best to stick with someone who either knows how to teach or has overcome his own girl troubles.

#5 – Your Parents

God bless them. They’ve raised an amazing man like you and taught you the meaning of right and wrong. But, these days with hyper social media and new Generation Y attitudes, they don’t understand how to attract a woman. Their advice on girls might be something like, “just be yourself, you’re such an amazing man!” Unfortunately, that’s not too practical.

#4 – Online Forums

Don’t get me wrong, some forums are very supportive and have great advice. But, you have to be very careful which types of online forums you read. You can easily come across some bad girl advice from a man who hates women right now because he just got rejected. These forums tend to be heavily biased. When looking for advice on a forum, make sure it’s one that encourages self-growth and not any type of hatred.

#3 – Someone Just Getting Over a Breakup

A person just getting over a breakup tends to push their date hate, and life hate, onto others. You might get a lot of biased girl advice from this resource too, just like the forums. It’s best to stay away from anyone who has been treated poorly by their ex. You might get them telling you to “be careful”,  that “women are evil”, or something like “don’t put yourself out there”. This is all bad advice. Instead, talk to someone who is more level headed and in a healthy space.

#2 – Married People

These guys have been out of the game for so long – if they ever really got into it in the first place! Don’t waste your time talking to people who aren’t up-to-date on the current dating scene. Sometimes it’s tough for married guys to remember what it took to meet women and get attention, and these days girl advice is the last on their list of specialties (especially the ones who have been married for over 5 years).

They might tell you the same thing your mom tells you.

#1 – Your Female Friends

Most women (not all) don’t give the best girl advice to men (unless they are some sort of coach or expert). Why? Because, for women, it’s difficult to explain why they are attracted to men. Women are such a complicated topic that even they can’t understand why they are attracted to a man! Here’s a great example: You know your friend who’s dating the “asshole” and the girl even knows it! Here’s a common sample dialogue between a guy asking girl advice to his female friend:


Man: You know your boyfriend is an asshole right?

Woman: Yes, I know!

Man: Then why are you attracted to him?

Woman: I don’t know, it’s complicated.

Man: Well, should I be an asshole? Then maybe women will find me attractive.

Woman: No, never! A woman should like you for you. Just be yourself!

Man: But, that hasn’t worked so far.

The problem here is that your female friends can’t properly explain why she is attracted to certain types of guys. Well, here’s the answer for that one. She’s attracted to the “asshole” not because he’s an “asshole”. It’s because he’s courageous, a leader, and has an “edge” to him. If he was nicer and had those qualities then she would be smitten.

The point here is that it’s difficult for a woman to explain the core concepts of what she finds attractive because it’s all subconscious! Plus, your female friends don’t want to see you “change”, but sometimes changing from a boy into a man is EXACTLY what you need to do.

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