Live, Learn, Love – Lavalife!

Lavalife Success StoryThe title briefly describes my ~9 yr courtship leading to a successful 1 yr marriage anniversary thanks to Lavalife.

I was in college with little time for being social and my skeptism prevented me from much dating. But the online dating world of Lavalife seemed to help me meet people.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t success the 1st time.

It took 3 tries to meet the one I’d marry. His respect and appreciation helped me feel ALIVE. Dating for 3 yrs, we found a chemistry that left us wanting to LEARN more of each other. However, in ’05, we were involved in a motorcycle accident which nearly rendered us immobile. But together we pushed thru and found a deeper LOVE than we could ever imagine.

We immediately co-habitated and 2 yrs later, he proposed! We were married in ’09 and recently celebrated our 1 yr anniversary. The moral of my success story is, ladies and gents, DONT GIVE UP!

I’m a huge skeptic and I never believed in soulmates, but I do believe in looking deeper and giving chances and thanks to Lavalife I’m now happily married.

Nov. 27, 2010

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