I’ve Been Hurt Before. How will Online Dating be Different?

Jenna from Milwaukee asks…How do I find someone online?

I’ve been hurt in the past and I’m new to this dating online. How can I make sure I only find a man who is caring, loving, honest, faithful and open minded? Should I put this on my profile?

Hi Jenna!

While you should always be honest about what you want in your profile, it’s best to stay away from saying what you don’t want online. Leave your past where it is and focus on what it is you DO want for your new relationship. Remember not to make that the entire focus on WHO YOU ARE, you also want to describe your ideal match.

A profile should be an extension of the best possible YOU there is. Instead of creating an image of a Jenna who has had her heartbroken and doesn’t want any jerks, liars or cheaters to apply for the highly coveted position of her Future Boyfriend, point all attention toward how you possess the positive qualities you mention. Like attracts like. How fun-loving YOU can be. How honest YOU are. How open minded YOU think. And show this through example rather than merely saying it.

If you want to showcase your generosity, tell a story about the time you worked at a homeless shelter during Thanksgiving and made a personal connection with one of the attendees. Display your loyalty by recounting a true tale of you doing so. Something that SHOWS who you are rather than telling what you say you are. Men who share the same values will be attracted to your acts of kindness, therefore removing any need to say what it is you don’t want in your profile.

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