Is it Me or Am I Dating the Wrong Type of Guys?

girl ponderingRose from Ramsey asks:

“I think I look like “the girl next store”..sweet, etc. So many times the guy on my first dates tell me way too much about himself..stuff like when his dog died and how sad he felt, who was the first women he slept with (small world I knew her). How his grandmother died and how bad he felt. All stuff that is too heavy. Is it me or am I just dating the wrong type of guys? I would love to meet a guy who just made me laugh the whole date.” 


Hi Rose, it’s definitely not you!

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who need a little bit of date coaching to understand what’s cool to talk about on the first date and what isn’t.

It seems you’ve had your share of dating the “Downer Don.” No one wants to spend time with someone who uses your date time as a therapy session.

What I would question is how much you are getting to know the guys you are dating, prior to meeting face to face.

You can usually get a sense of someone’s overall attitude and demeanor over meaningful correspondence by email and conversations by phone.

Remember, if you advance from email to phone conversations, it doesn’t mean you are now obligated to meet him in person.

“Downer Dons” can be identified in a 10 minute phone conversation.

When you find a guy who makes you laugh, it will make all these other moments a distant memory in your past.



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