I’m Late to the Dating Game and Don’t Know Where to Start

Marc from Georgetown asks…I'm late to the dating game. Where do I start?

I’m 26 years old and have never had a serious girlfriend. I think I’m a normal looking guy, and girls have shown interest in the past, but I’ve just been way too busy getting my career going. A lot of my buddies are getting serious with their girlfriends so it’s hard to find people to go out on the weekends with. Will I look creepy if I hit a bar alone? I want to start meeting girls and maybe even get a girlfriend but am kinda worried about looking like a creep if I’m out on my own, you know?

Hey Marc, how’s it going?!

If you’re married to your work, one of the first things you will want to tell any girl that you meet is that you are focused on your career. You want to let them know what you’re all about early on so as to not lead them on.

Dragging out a relationship that you know isn’t going to go anywhere is never a good thing especially when it has someone else’s feelings and emotions involved. I just wanted to address that before we got into your main question.

Most importantly, you won’t look creepy at all. A lot of people go out to bars to meet up with their friends or solo. And, most of the other people there aren’t going to be paying too much attention to whether you’re there alone or not to begin with.

A quick tip I can give you would be when you walk into the bar, make friends with the first group or two you meet. Do not hit on them at all. My buddy and I call these groups “Home Base,” when we go out solo or are waiting a while until someone else shows up a bit later.

After we make friends with the first two groups, we then bounce around meeting everybody we can and start chatting with the girls we find attractive. If something throws us off at any point or a girl isn’t that receptive, or is just downright mean, we have the option of going back to our “Home Base” group(s) to get us back into a talkative mood until we’re ready to try again.

Will people know that these groups aren’t your friends? Nope, just like you don’t know if the guy standing next to the girl you want to talk to is her cousin, coworker, best friend, random guy or her boyfriend. You might also find it helpful to read another article I wrote about 8 things to never do when trying to pick up girls. Good luck!

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