If I’m Not Digging My Guy’s Style, Can I Suggest a Change?

Ursula from Seattle asks…What do I do if I don't like my guy's style?


I’m a fashionista by day and a homebody by night. I like to observe people’s styles and have found myself liking a certain style for men. If I really like the man I’m dating but don’t like his personal style, what’s your advice for me making a suggestion without being critical?


It is all about the spin, Ursula! You can ask for anything, make any suggestions, and encourage someone to change with the right spin.

Instead of saying, “You know what hun, I’m just not a fan of your style. Can we give you a makeover?”, try “I was at XYZ store and I saw a great shirt that I think  would look amazing on you!”

Depending on where you are in the relationship, buy him a couple pieces that you think would work for him. The most important part is to do it slowly, and with respect to his ego. Good luck!

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