I Want to Try Online Dating, But I Live in a Small Town. Could it Be Awkward?

Carly from Sarnia asks:Woman Considering Online Dating

I’m from a pretty small town and want to try online dating, but don’t want everyone to know I’m doing it. I’m also worried that I’ll be matched with people I already know in real life and it could be awkward for both of us. Should I avoid trying it out? What should I do?

Dear Carly,

You are not alone with your concern about being recognized by people in your area.  Living in a small town comes with the inherent challenge of having a much smaller dating pool than big cities such as New York.  With that said, I would immediately remove this concern from your mind and not hesitate in the slightest if this is your main concern.

For starters, suppose someone you know sees you on an online dating site.  Guess what?  That person is also online dating as well, so he has no right or reason to make any judgments whatsoever.  But perhaps even more importantly, online dating is nothing to be embarrassed about these days!  Online dating is completely mainstream these days with no stigma to it whatsoever.  Millions of quality men and women populate these sites as we speak, and they are only growing bigger by the day.

Finally, if you are concerned about the awkwardness of meeting people in your own town, broaden your searches to a town or two away.  There are likely many quality people not much further than a half hour drive away, so widen those horizons.  And hey, who knows, the man of your dreams may just have been living right around the corner from you your whole life!

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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