How to Talk to Women like a Rock Star While Wearing Your Pajamas

Man in Pajamas on PhoneSo you went out last night- did the bar thing again. You took a steamy shower, buttoned up a crisp collared shirt, and donned your most decent pair of casual shoes. Slapped on some aftershave, combed your hair, brushed your chompers and were careful to not forget the deodorant.

You were ready.

You and your buddies hit the scene, grabbed some brews and nonchalantly looked around. Fast forward to the late morning; you’re hazy eyed, Del Taco bag by your bedside. You think about last night and recall that nothing happened – your bar tab was the only thing you got with a lot of numbers on it, and you didn’t meet any chicks. Not any.

So here you are with eye crusties, a sprouting growth of hair on your face and that deodorant has long worn off.

Well grab your laptop mister cause I’m about to tell you how you can still score a cutie’s digits… even looking like you look, feeling like you feel, and spending a lot less money than you spent.

Welcome to the 21st Century

Ever heard of online dating? It’s the newest, latest, greatest thing! NOT! It’s been around for as long as your nieces have been living, and everyone is doing it. You should be too. Because when everyone is doing it, it means that those sweet faced chicks at the bar who ignored you, but kept looking down at their phone were probably checking the flirty messages they are getting from their online dating profile.

Just because you’re at home and comfortable doesn’t mean that you want to take for granted everything online dating offers you.

You Have a Few Things Going for You Here

  1. You’re in the comfort of your home.
  2. You’ve got time. You can think about how you want to phrase things to get best response. Less chance of putting your foot in your mouth when you’re meeting someone in person.
  3. You’ve got options. Literally hundreds of eligible, single women are at your fingertips. It can seem like a lot but the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Just start cracking and do as many emails as you feel comfortable.
  4. You can make a day on your couch your most productive day for meeting women yet.

So now, to be that guy who rocks a girl’s socks off while never having brushed your teeth, you need to keep a few things in mind:

Girls are More Emotional

Girls are more emotional than you- That’s why you like them. You need to remember to appeal to how it is you are making them feel in all of your interactions.

When you email, make them feel like they stood out to you for some specific reason, and that you want to get to know them better by asking them specific questions about how they feel about things.

In your profile, make them feel like you’re a great catch who just needs someone special. In you pictures let them feel like they know what kind of guy you are. And in all things, make her feel like you’ll be a great time to be around. Humor and enthusiasm are great ways to accomplish this online.

Now the next time you go out with your buddies on the town, you can actually sit and enjoy them, instead of worrying about hitting up girls.

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