How to Manage Stress: Quick, Easy Fixes for the Guy on the Go

man stressed at deskAs a busy professional, there’s a lot on your mind. Whether you’re working a normal 9-5, or running your own business, it’s become second nature to think about work when you step away from the office.

While you’re out meeting women; they can tell if something else is distracting you, which can get in the way of making a connection.

The reality is women love being around a guy who’s cool, calm, and collected — even in the most stressful of times. So to avoid dating stress, here are some tips to help you manage your psyche.



Working out is a proven stress-release.

If you’re not into standard gym workouts, take a fun class like kickboxing or play basketball in a league with friends. The physical nature of your activity will increase testosterone levels and endorphins, which will make you feel more confident.

Shut Your Brain Off

People say watching TV is a waste of time, and depending on what you watch, they’re absolutely right!

But life isn’t all about productivity- and that’s the point. When you watch something without a complicated plot it doesn’t require you to pay attention, meaning you can relax and let your brain take a break.

Have a “Pre-Game” Routine Before You Go Out

Musical artists have one before a show and athletes have get in the groove with rituals before a game. So why not have one before going out to meet women? It doesn’t have to be anything crazy — typically creating a fun music playlist while you’re getting ready will do the trick.

Songs you enjoy will put you in a lighter mood before you leave. And here’s an awesome bonus: when you’re out and you hear a song on your playlist, it will subconsciously trigger those happy feelings and your body will instantly relax.

Take Your Time

Ever seen James Bond in a social situation where he freaks out in front of a woman? A confident man isn’t over-reactive. In fact, he sways closer to the side of non-reactivity. Being at work may force you to rush and hustle around trying to get things done, but socializing happens on your time.

If you’re ever unsure how to answer or react to something happening in a social situation, take a deep breath to cool your nerves, and then make your move. Maintaining composure is the most effective way to not only manage stress, but also appear more attractive to women.


When all else fails, the best thing you can do in any moment is smile. Studies have proven that if you smile for a prolonged period of time, your body will begin to assume the emotion that comes with smiling – happiness.

Any stress you have will subside in no time, allowing you to regain self-control and carry yourself accordingly.

These tips aren’t easy fixes and will take time before they become second-nature, but I can guarantee that with practice and discipline, they will become your “game changers” when managing stress and improving your interactions with women.

Your professional life can get crazy and stressful but that doesn’t mean dating has to be.

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