How to Make a Great First Impression

First ImpressionsFor men, it’s 15 minutes. For women, it could take up to an hour.

Determining whether or not a person wants to see their date again comes down to one key thing: making a  great first impression. Since we only have one shot at making a lasting positing impact on a first date, there are a few tips for scoring high with women.

Here’s a checklist we’ve gathered from women in our It’s Just Lunch dating survey:

1. Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Trends and attitudes toward the sexes may come and go, but one thing is for certain, gentlemen: chivalry never goes out of style. Treat your date well, and you’re well on your way to landing a second date.

Treat her more like your college buddy and don’t expect her to sit by the phone waiting for your call.

Good manners, such as holding the door open or pulling out her chair, is an everyday habit that will pay in dividends – and demonstrates behaviors that every woman appreciates in a relationship.

2. Flash Those Pearly Whites!

A smile lights up your face and makes you seem friendly, approachable and open.  When your date arrives and you make eye contact with her, don’t forget to smile! It’s such a simple tip, but it’s an immediate way to create chemistry and break the ice.

Even if you aren’t sure what to say, a smile goes a long way toward letting your date know that you’re having a great time with her.

Since they are contagious, she’ll probably flash you one in return.  In short, never underestimate the power of a smile.

3. Eye Contact is Sexy

Some say that the eyes tell no lies. If your eyes are darting around the room and you’re looking everywhere but at your date, you will make your date uneasy.  Avoiding eye contact reeks of emotional insecurity.  By maintaining eye contact, you signal attraction to your date – and attentiveness.

4. The Golden Rule Rules When it Comes to Dating

In our It’s Just Lunch survey, the most important attribute women noticed about their dates is how he treats others.  From friends to waiters to strangers on the bus, treat others as you would like to be treated.  Your date will notice . . . and approve.

5. Great Conversation is Key to Attraction.

Some of the most interesting people are the ones who are most interested in others.  Work on your listening skills and ask questions about information your date offers.  Being a good listener is a potent aphrodisiac. Don’t be shy about revealing a bit of yourself to your date.



Being vulnerable and honest is the slam-dunk, sexiest thing a man can be.

Whatever is on your mind or in your heart is the most natural way to go.  Getting real with your potential match is easier than the bravado pretense many hide behind, and saves you time in the long run. (Note, don’t get too personal too soon.)

Also, remember to stick to your best attributes. It is, after all, about a positive first impression on your first date.

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