How to Handle Lots of Responses to Your Online Dating Profile


With so many people opting for online dating to meet new people, it’s no wonder that you’re experiencing higher than normal call volume… or, message volume! Instead of sending out a copy-and-paste response or flat out ignoring your entire inbox, this post aims to show you how to handle lots of responses to your online dating profile – while keeping your sanity in check.

It’s funny to think that a lot of people fear they won’t get enough responses through online dating, when in fact many people get so many they’re not sure how to handle it! Such is the case with many Lavalife users, and users of other online dating sites. Not to worry, though, there’s an easy way to manage your popularity without missing a great connection.

It all starts with prioritizing.

Check for responses or messages from people you’ve already liked, favorite or have checked out a couple of times. You’re clearly already interested, to some degree, in these people – so give them priority. Go through the messages one at a time and send a unique response to each. Never, ever copy and paste – you wouldn’t want someone sending you and all their other matches a canned response, so return the favour by not doing that either.

Then, start with the oldest messages in your inbox.

It’s no big deal if you can’t get back to everyone on your lunch break, or if you don’t feel like sitting and sending out responses to every single message that gets sent your way. That’s the wonderful thing about online dating; it’s not rude to take your time to get back to someone. If someone said, “hey!” at the bar and then you stood there for five minutes ‘til you responded… it would be pretty awkward. Online, they’ll never know that you needed a bit longer to gather your thoughts.

Starting with the oldest messages in your inbox lets you get back to the people who have been waiting the longest first. It makes sense, right? While you’re clicking through, feel free to delete any messages you’re not into or ignore profiles that you know aren’t your type. They’ll get over it, so don’t feel bad.

Next, clear out conversations you know you’re over.

There’s no need to leave hundreds of conversations in your inbox. If you know a previous conversation isn’t going anywhere, and you have no interest in pursuing the connection, then hit delete. Clear it out of your inbox and leave room (metaphorically, of course) for something better. This will help keep your mind in the right space, plus it will avoid you having to scroll through old messages you have no intention of pursuing to get to ones you do.

How do you handle a full inbox – online dating or otherwise? Let us know your tips in a comment below! You might even see your tip tweeted on the official Lavalife twitter.

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